80+ Million Votes & Kamala Comes Home to a Crowd of 2 Supporters

We've been told time and time again that President Biden and Vice President Harris are the most popular candidates in history. In fact, they were labeled Time Magazine's Person of the Year for 2020 — before either of them took office.

Coca-Cola Diversity Training Instructs Employees to “Be Less White” to Combat Racism

Diversity training has become something we have all grown accustomed to in the workplace. Oftentimes diversity training is a positive endeavor designed to bring people together. The Coca-Cola company on the other hand seems to feel that the goal of diversity training is to instruct employees to "be less white". In a since-deleted tweet employment lawyer, Harmeet K. Dhillon explains how this alleged diversity training is actually in and of itself "blatant racial discrimination".

National Guard Sleeping in Parking Garages in Washington DC

Following Biden's inauguration, that same military has been treated like dogs. Our military is our nation's most precious commodity. Without their sacrifices, there is a very real possibility that our nation would cease to exist. From our founding, the military has been comprised of men and women willing to put it all on the line in the defense of our American ideals. They put it all on the line in the defense of the one thing that keeps us from becoming a 3rd world banana republic, the Constitution of the United States.

Biden Declines Earpiece Inspection

The time is finally here and the bout of the decade is about to commence. President Donald J. Trump is se to face off against sleep Joe Biden tonight at 9pm. Ahead of the debate the Trump campaign requested a third party inspect both candidates for electronic devices or transmitters.

Has Fair Lawn Forgotten 9/11?

I'm sure you all remember exactly where you were on that horrific day of September 11, 2001. As we remember and honor those we lost on that tragic day we are coming to a point where we must ask ourselves, have we forgotten? We are coming to a point in time nearly 20 years after 9/11 where ceremonies commemorating that day seem more like an afterthought than a necessity.

Trump Saving the Children from Satanic Pedophile Cults

The lefts infatuation with the group known as "QAnon" has hit a fever pitch as of late. In case you are unaware of what exactly "QAnon" is—it is better known as "Q" and "anonymous". QAnon is essentially a message board sharing posts that provide a unique take on current events. Some believe that "Q" is President Trump himself, while others think it may be his administration providing insight to events taking place on the inside.

President Trump Questioned About “Q” Movement—His Response was EPIC

The "Q" or QAnon movement has intrigued individuals from all aspects of the political spectrum for quite some time now. Some conservative-minded people believe "Q" to be President Trump himself. Those on the opposite side of the aisle have labeled "Q" as dangerous and conspiratorial. Nonetheless, many of the predictions made by the infamous "Q" … Continue reading President Trump Questioned About “Q” Movement—His Response was EPIC

Freedom Has a Place in Fair Lawn

The first amendment is alive and well just 40 or so miles from NYC. In the sleepy borough of Fair Lawn people of all walks of life gathered to support our great police and first responders. Exercising their right to free speech and to peaceably assemble, they gathered at the local train station and harmoniously walked down to borough hall.

Standing For What you Believe In

Is this what we have come to in this country? Have we come to a point in which we marginalize which lives matter more than others? Followed by individuals literally assaulting one another simply because they disagree with each other's political stance. It's more important now that it has ever been to stand for what you believe in.

Microchips in the Age of Coronavirus

The coronavirus crisis will soon be exploited as a means to push for microchip implants. We will be told it is for our own good and those who resist will be shamed. They will be shamed just as those who want to reopen the country are being shamed today. These implants won't just carry our data — they will be used to track your whereabouts and more.

Trump Ad Excoriates Biden and Dems on Sex Assault Allegations

It’s becoming abundantly clear that not all women deserve to be heard. For years we have been told by nearly all Democrats that it is essential to believe every woman that comes forward with sex assault allegations. That is until their party leader Joe Biden has come under fire. The following ad recently put out … Continue reading Trump Ad Excoriates Biden and Dems on Sex Assault Allegations

Surveillance Cameras Inside the Homes of Chinese Citizens

As the coronavirus wreaked havoc on the world many have begun to throw their civil liberties out the window. We are now looking to China of all places for advice on how to track our citizens. This is happening despite the fact that China is an outright communist country. Many of the tactics they employ violate our Constitutional rights here in the United States.

Why Doesn’t Tara Reade Deserve To Be Heard?

The MeToo movement founded in 2006 has been all about believing "all women" who come forward with sexual assault allegations. That is of course unless your name is Bill Clinton, Virginia Lt Governor Justin Fairfax, or U.S. Representative Katie Hill just to name a few. Now we can add Joe Biden to that long list of alleged perpetrators of sexual assault.

DeBlasio Distributing Halal Meals for Ramadan After Threatening to Shut Down Churches and Synagogues

Just a few weeks ago the Mayor of NYC Bill DeBlasio began his grandstanding coronavirus press briefings. Amidst these briefings, he made veiled threats to both Christian and Jewish religious institutions. These threats included both fines and the possible shutdown of churches and synagogues that didn't comply with the shutdown orders. At the same time, DeBlasio intends to provide Muslims throughout the city with meals for Ramadan.

Trump Did Not Suggest Injecting Disinfectant

The media felt it necessary to issue statements speaking to the dangers of injecting oneself with disinfectant. So what we have here is a media that took the President out of context. They then feel the need to transform that narrative into a warning not to inject disinfectant. All in a veiled attempt to blame the President if someone is actually dumb enough to follow through with injecting themself with disinfectant.

Twitter to Censor 5G “Conspiracy Theory” Posts

Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, many social media outlets including Twitter have done "their part" to help quell the flow of "fake news". The term fake news is obviously subjective as many of the censored articles provide thought-provoking insight. There is widespread speculation that 5G networks and the health hazards they pose could have detrimental effects … Continue reading Twitter to Censor 5G “Conspiracy Theory” Posts

COVID19 Pandemic Drones Are Watching!

Big brother is watching all in the name of ensuring you are following the government-mandated social distancing guidelines. Not only are they watching to enforce social distancing guidelines—these drones are also able to display fever/temperature, heart and respiratory rate, and detect people coughing and sneezing in crowds.

He Is Risen!

Easter is one of the most important days of the Christian calendar and this year it falls amidst one of the most chaotic times many have ever seen. Easter is a time of joy as we celebrate Jesus who overcame the perils of life here on earth.

Media To Cut Trump Pressers–Approval Rating Soars

We are in the midst of a pandemic, a crisis the likes of which the United States and the world have never seen. Multiple countries around the world are on complete lockdown as the coronavirus rages on taking thousands of lives. Here at home, we have a commander in chief who has taken the reins and spearheaded an effort to battle the virus throughout the country.