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Today we received the HUGE news that DOMA or the defense of marriage act has been struck down by the supreme court.  This brings about much debate as to the significance of this ruling.  First and foremost the entire idea of the bill is completely unconstitutional as the constitution has no bearing on marriage.  Due to the fact that Bill Clinton signed this bill into law nearly 10 years ago we have since had been debating the validity of this law. 

Regardless of how this law is interpreted, the bill is entirely unconstitutional and it is a victory that it has been somewhat revoked.  Notice I say somewhat…  This is the case because the Supreme Court did rule on the law by explaining that it is indeed unconstitutional, although they left it up to the states to determine the validity of the law. This ruling is also a victory for the constitutionalist as they recognized state sovereignty.

We must also address proposition 8 in California which is now coming into play as a result of the ruling today.  There has been word that they are trying to overturn the revocation of this proposition as it had been recently voted down.  This is where it gets frustrating, the left always says the people should be heard.  This is an instance where the people decided, but they decided against the progressive agenda and the progressives can’t stand it.  Therefore they are stomping their feet like little children and complaining about how they are going to get their way anyway. PATHETIC!!!

There is another major point of concern in regards to the ruling handed down today.  Now that DOMA has been ruled upon, it is only a matter of time before the progressives attempt to make it mandatory that religious institutions accept gay marriage even if it goes against everything they stand for.  Mark my words this is their overall goal and they will attempt to accomplish this by removing tax exempt status from the religious institutions if they don’t comply.  This is where we conservatives and constitutionalists must keep up the fight as the left continues to attack all forms of religion in this country in an attempt to break down the societal structure that has held us together since this country was founded.

Regardless of your stance on the issue posed by DOMA it is indeed an unconstitutional law and a victory that is has been somewhat overturned.  While this is the case we must realize that the government shouldn’t have any say in marriage whatsoever.