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The Low Income Housing Problem

The federal government wants to move the poor out if cities into low income housing in the suburbs which in turn causes taxes to go up.

The low income individuals don’t pay these taxes as they don’t fall into the particular tax bracket while at the same time they have children they cannot afford thanks to an unlimited supply of government aide.

This phenomenon also increases the taxes of those who work as the children attend the publicly funded school system while the parents of those children don’t contribute a damn thing!!



It’s time the media stop apologizing for every single off color comment a news anchor, reporter, or talk show anchor makes.  The media is so obsessed with pleasing everyone and offending no one they no longer stand for anything.  They can no longer stand on any one specific point or take a rock solid stance on a topic simply  because they may “offend” someone.

The list has become nearly endless with regards to apologies issued from various new anchors and news outlets.  We have recently seen apologies from the likes of Martin Bashir, Melissa Harris Perry, and networks like CNN and MSNBC.  Apologies haven’t just been issued from news outlets, celebrities are also guilty of pathetic apologies.  Regardless of who you are, it’s time individuals learn to stand behind what they say and stop bowing down to the pressure from those who don’t agree with you. If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.

The latest guest on the apology tour is someone we all know and have come to lover for his colorful weather forecasts, Al Roker.  As everyone knows we in the NY metro area have recently been hit hard by a snow storm.  There was much ado about the communist mayor of New York City, Bill DeBlasio, keeping the schools open throughout the city.  As a result Al Roker went on a tirade on Twitter culminating in this tweet

“I knew this AM @NYCMayorsOffice @NYCSchools would close schools. Talk about a bad prediction, Long range DiBlasio forecast: 1 term.”

Not only was this tweet funny, it is a prediction that conservatives everywhere hopes comes true. Nonetheless, shortly after this tweet was sent, Al Roker issued a FREAKING APOLOGY!!  It’s time those in media grow a pair and stop apologizing.  Stand behind your remarks and back up what you say.  We have become so sissified in this country that the second one person becomes offended we bow down and kiss their damn feet.

This idea of pleasing everyone is running rampant in this country today and the underlying reason is POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.  We are teaching our children at a very young age that the most important thing is not to offend anyone else.  Kids are taught that they are no longer allowed to have an opinion simply because it may offend someone else.  This obsession with pleasing everyone to try to offend no one has to stop.

The Disgusting Extravagance of the Obama’s

While we Americans get up early and work 8 or more hours a day our president is out on the campaign trail, or fundraising for some of his cronies, or hosting dignitaries (and I use that word sparingly) from other countries as he did last night. While presidents have been doing this practically forever, none have done it on a scale of disgusting extravagance as the Obama’s have.

Last night president Obama hosted the French president at a state dinner on the south lawn of the White House.  You may think this was just a casual dinner, au contrairie my friend. This lavish spectacle featured a tent constructed on the lawn complete with trolley service to whisk guests across the lawn to the site of the dinner. The dishes were served on only the finest china, complete with napkins and personalized place cards. Along with the lavishness of the event Mrs. Obama has the nerve to show up wearing a $12,000 dress… YES A $12,000 DRESS!!!

The fact that she was wearing such a dress and they were putting on such a lavish event wouldn’t be quite so bad if they weren’t constantly lecturing us on how we must give our “fair share” and the idea that the biggest issue this nation faces is income inequality.  If they truly cared about you and me, they would practice what they preach and lead by example. These two have to be the biggest hypocrites to ever walk the hallowed halls the White House.

Income Equality: The Biggest Farce This Country Has Ever Seen

One of the biggest talking points of the Obama administration as of late has been “income equality” or “income inequality”. Regardless of what you call it, you may find yourself asking what exactly is “income inequality” and why is the government so concerned about it in the first place? 

Obama and his army of liberal talking heads at MSNBC want us all to believe that income inequality is something that can be solved through government policy. They fail to come to grips with the fact that there is absolutely no way to create a society in which there true income equality. True income equality only exists in a socialist type of society where everyone has the same, no one person has more than another, and everyone is essentially equal.

After all why should one person get more than another? It is simply not fair that one individual worked from the time they were young, developed a skill and went on to lead a successful life, while others like the pajama boy sit at home in their parents basement and wonder why no one wants to hire them even though they have yet to develop any marketable skills. Too many young people today go to school to find themselves, rather than develop a marketable skill and wonder why they can’t find work once they graduate.
Eventually there comes a point where one must realize that there is no way to solve the made up issue of “income inequality.”  There will always be income inequality, some individuals are blessed with talents that earn them large sums of money while others may struggle to get by no matter how hard they work. The struggle is what makes success that much sweater, and if the government continues to take that feeling of success away from us by replacing it with more and more government hand-outs we as a country are truly doomed.