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What Is the Cellphone Killswitch

Boom your cellphone is now dead!!!

This is what could happen should the newly passed cellphone killswitch bill ,that has already been passed in Minnesota, go national.  California is also proposing exact same type of legislation!

Like most types of legislation, this bill does indeed have some very positive aspects.  The bill itself is designed to require cell phone manufacturers to include either software or hardware into phones that could remotely be activated in the case the phone is stolen.  This hardware or software would then either erase the data and or completely brick the phone.

While this may seem like a positive move for cell phone manufacturers carriers alike, there exists a sinister this technology!!

If this technology were to be utilized by government agencies to target those who disagree with them it would virtually eliminate individuals means communication regardless whether not the individual broke any laws.  We have already seen the overreach of the NSA, what’s to say that they wouldn’t run with this technology!?!?


The War on Women Hits Home at the New York Times

From the looks of things the New York Times has a war on women.  This news broke today as the former managing editor, Jill Abramson would be replaced by Dean Baquet as the new managing editor of the paper. Apparently this change was due in part to her “bossy” behavior and the fact that she called out the Times for the disparity in how they pay women in comparison to men and the disproportionate amount of work offered to male writers.

This brings about two really good points, the first being that Jill was obviously replaced because she was being too “bossy”.  Recently there was an campaign to ban the word bossy along with a whole list of other words deemed by society to be too offensive.  It’s quite ironic now that a women of power at such a high position at one of the most liberal papers in the country is falling victim to her own bossy behavior and suffering the consequences for it.

Another point of concern is the so called “war on women” that, according liberal progressives, runs rampant throughout corporate America!! If this is the case why would a paper like the NEW YORK TIMES demote a women in such a high position to replace her with a man???

Young Conservative

Freedom of Speech is DEAD!!!!

Do we truly still have a right to free speech?  Technically yes we do, but do you and I really have the right to speak our minds anymore.  Lately we see countless incidents where individuals have felt the need to apologize for even the most mundane jokes. Take for example MSNBC and their “ill advised Cinco de Mayo segment” in which an anchor in a sombrero came on screen drinking what looked like tequila while shouting Happy Cinco de Mayo.  Most people would find this harmless fun, but as we all know in an effort to be politically correct MSNBC quickly apologized for their actions. This is just one of the many incidents throughout the media that have prompted apologies from the perpetrators.

While the aforementioned incidents were indeed harmless, we have also encountered more realistic events such as the Donald Sterling debacle and the kiss seen round the world when Micheal Sam was drafted by the St. Louis Rams.

First off, the entire Donald Sterling incident was taken completely out of context.  I do not for one second agree with what he said, but I do agree with his right to say it.  In addition to that, I also don’t agree with the fact that he was duped and recorded without his knowledge.  Those aspects of the situation pale in comparison to the punishment he faced.  For stating his opinion, albeit an awful one, he was not only fined, but the NBA is doing everything they can to see that his entire livelihood is taken away from him.  How is it that we are supposed to have a freedom of speech, but at the same time when exercising that freedom we can lose everything we hold dear.

Not long after we were inundated with the Donald Sterling reports, we encountered another instance in which an individual was persecuted for simply stating his opinion. This time it was in reference to the “kiss seen round the world” that occurred after Michael Sam was drafted to the St. Louis Rams.  (I must say this is the most talked about 7th round draft pick in the history of the NFL.)

Following the news of Sam being drafted, Donald Jones of the Miami Dolphins (also a 7th round draft pick) decided to express his opinion regarding the kiss by writing on his Twitter “OMG” and “Horrible”. These simple Tweets led to him not only being relieved by the team for an undisclosed amount of time, but he was fined as well.

This is where I draw the conclusion that our freedom of speech is inherently DEAD!!!  You cannot express your opinions regarding any hot topic unless those opinions fall in line with what society deems “acceptable”.  If you happen to posses an opinion that falls outside of those boundaries you are not only ostracized, you are now fired and fined. This is a scary precedent to set as what society deems acceptable changes arbitrarily.  Before you know it those who are partaking in the “outrage” will in turn be the victim. Who will the accusers run to when they become the victim?

Young Conservative


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The Hypocrisy of Protected Classes

We have regressed as a society arrived at a point where discrimination is now considered OK, that is of course if you are discriminating against specific types of individuals such as Christians, Jews, straight white men, those who do not agree with abortion etc… You may find yourself asking just how could this be?  It’s quite easy to see that discrimination is at the very heart of the liberal progressive agenda. First and foremost, liberal progressives have, over the last decade, pushed for and advocated the implementation of what have become known as “protected classes”.  
There are a variety of races, those with differing skin colors, religions, sexual orientations, and so on which fall within the confines of these so called protected classes. What many fail to see is the innate hypocrisy that lies beneath the entire idea of protected classes, they are racist in and of themselves.  Grouping individuals into specific classes based upon these characteristics is the very thing many in this country have been trying to get away from for a very long time.  
Another issue with the idea of protected classes is, what happens to the individuals that fall outside of the made up classes.  Are those people left to fend for themselves?  They are all too often hung out to dry.  One particular class of individuals that falls outside of the protected classes are straight, Christian men.  These men are all too often told they must “check their privilege” (which is an entire discussion by itself), referred to as racists, and even bigots for their beliefs. 
As a straight, Christian male myself I have been called a racist and a bigot countless times for my beliefs in traditional marriage, and calling out the hypocrisy that lies within the protected classes subject, and discussing similar topics.

It is time people wake up and see what those in power are doing.  They are creating an atmosphere in which we will be divided, while at the same time constantly lecturing us on how they strive for equality.  They are attempting to drive division amongst the masses in order to gain more power as they rile up one side to effectively ostracize, demonize, and eventually eliminate them altogether.

Young Conservative