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As I’m sure you are aware at this point, there was an incident on our southern border with Mexico today.  This incident trumps any of the recent incidents that have been occurring for weeks now where we have been continuously invaded by “young illegal immigrant children”.  That’s an entirely different story for another time.  What happened today amounts to an act of war and one that demands some sort of retaliation or at least a statement from the commander in chief.  Today our own border patrol agents were fired upon by a Mexican military chopper that crossed into United States air space.

This is by all means an act of war!  When a foreign country enters our own air space and fires on our own military personnel that is considered an act of aggression and demands a response of one form or another. And from multiple accounts this isn’t the first time this has occurred as agents and even platoons of Mexican military officials have crossed our border and fired upon our border agents. Each and every time this has occurred we have simply released these individuals with their equipment and weapons and sent them on their merry way back across the border.

Let me ask you, what would happen if one of or a group of our military personnel happened to cross into Mexican territory and fire upon a Mexican military officer?  Oh wait, one of our soldiers did accidentally cross into Mexican territory, and without even firing a shot he was captured and taken into custody.  It has now been nearly three months that he has been held captive in a maximum security prison deep inside Mexico with no sign of him being released any time soon.

The time has come that our president and government grow a set of balls and stand up against not only the influx of illegal immigrants crossing our border but the literal invasion and firing upon our own border patrol agents. Has this country become so soft that we will not stand up against the Mexican government when our own men and women are fired upon? We need to demand that our Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi be released immediately and the next time a Mexican official so much as sets foot across that border without authorization he be detained indefinitely in Guantanamo Bay as an enemy combatant.  

Young Conservative