Retracing the Steps of Our Forefathers

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Today I went on a journey that absolutely every American citizen should go on, and that journey is retracing the steps our forefathers took when then stood up against the tyrannical king in England, at Concord in Massachusetts. This journey brings to life not only the events that took place nearly on that fateful day in April of 1775, it digs into the lives of the men women and children who lived it.

My fiance and I retraced the steps of our forefathers through the town of Concord, Massachusetts leading up to what Ralph Waldo Emerson coined as “The shot heard ’round the world.”  Seeing this area of land and a few of the surrounding houses had a profound affect on me and truly helps one to develop a new found respect for what those brave men did as they stood up against the largest army of the world. Below are the pictures we took as we toured the land and houses nearby.

Above is a brief history and layout of the land surrounding the north bridge where the first shots of the American Revolution were fired.

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Off in the distance is the sight of the first confrontation between colonial militia and British forces.

This statue commemorates the sight of the “Shot heard ’round the world”

A lady playing the role of Abigail Adams as she reads letters from her husband

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