White Flags Atop Brooklyn Bridge Placed by Muslim Jihadists

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I rarely like to get into so called “conspiracy theory” issues but this has all the markings of a real event complete with eye witnesses and details directly from the scene! Roughly one week ago the American flags that proudly fly atop the Brooklyn bridge were suddenly replaced with white washed versions of those same American flags. This made headlines for roughly a day before it was onto other news. But the question still remains, who replaced the flags atop the Brooklyn bridge?

Now many want you to believe it was simply a “prank” and there is absolutely nothing to worry about. This is or should be one of the most highly guarded landmarks in the country if not the world and some kids managed to get to the top and replace both flags without being detected??? Cmon get real people, something is going on here, something we’re not being made aware of.

Here goes the “conspiracy theory”. In a recent article published on Nationalreport.net we come to find out that there is a good possibility this so called hoax was actually perpetrated by a group of Muslim jihadists. According to firefighter Sheldon Wayne Thomas there are aspects of this event the American people and people of New York City must be made aware of, things police commissioner Bratton conveniently left out of his press conference. 

Sheldon states, “When we reached the first flag, there were some items laying nearby. From a distance, it appeared to be a small blanket sitting under a book. Upon closer inspection, we found that it was an Islamic prayer mat, and a copy of the Qur’an respectively. One of the officers opened the book, and found that specific passages had been outlined, many of which related to the importance of moral virtue, and the rewards of religious Jihad. I was shocked when deputy commissioner of intelligence and counter-terrorism, John Miller, left these details out of his recent press conference. The mayor and his cronies may think they’re avoiding a panic, but I believe Americans, and New Yorkers especially, have the right to know what’s really going on in their city.”

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