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Sanctions Don’t Compete With Nuclear Weapons

When will this president learn that rhetoric and diplomacy don’t always work and that you can’t talk big game unless you can back it up? Not only has this president continued to downsize the military as we now have an active fleet of naval vessels that number less than what we had prior to WW II, he has lessened our influence throughout the world.  I am all for avoiding getting involved in the business of other countries when we can, but we must remain vigilant and strong should any other country pose a direct threat to us.  
As the media cycle goes so has gone the supposed threat that Russia once posed against the United States.  Roughly a month ago we were constantly hearing reports of how Russia was interfering with Ukraine’s sovereignty.  Obama opened his huge mouth and began issuing “threats” to Putin which consisted of economic sanctions. Putin simply scoffed at Obama knowing full well that our president does not have the means to back up anything he says.  
Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) shakes hands with his Ukrainian counterpart Petro Poroshenko, as Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev (C) stands nearby, in Minsk August 26, 2014. Putin and Poroshenko greeted each other with a handshake at the start of talks in Belarus on Tuesday on the Ukraine crisis, the first time the two presidents have met since June
Fast forward some four weeks and we are now hearing from Putin that Russia does indeed possess the where with all to utilize nuclear weaponry to defend itself.  The current rhetoric we are hearing out of Russia is that they will only use this if they are threatened.  This rhetoric we are hearing from Putin is just that and we must all consider the fact that Russia will indeed use these weapons for other means or even sell them on the black market. We will see some interesting events unfold over the next few weeks as Obama is set to attend the upcoming NATO summit in Wales and he is also making plans to visit Estonia, a neighbor of Russia. 

According to the Christain Post,
“At the summit, Obama is expected to underline the alliance’s Article 5 commitment to the common defense of each member.”
“Russia, don’t even think about messing around in Estonia or in any of the Baltic areas in the same way that you have been messing around in Ukraine,” Charles Kupchan, the senior White House director for European affairs, was quoted as saying.
So not only is Obama issuing threats he can’t back up, his own senior White House director for European affairs is as well.  What does it take for this president to wake up and understand that he needs to stop issuing threats that the United States can no longer back up because of his actions to destroy the military strength of this nation?  Before long he is going to write a check the United States can’t cash and we are all going to suffer the consequences.
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ISIS in Ferguson, Missouri??

Recent photos out of Ferguson,  Missouri depict a scary scene from the heart of where the riots are taking place. Not only have there been countless reports of rioting and looting, we have now seen what appears to be a sign showing that “ISIS” has arrived to join the protest.

While one must remain extremely skeptical as to the validity of this sign as chances are this was just some idiotic protester playing what he thought was an ingenious prank. The possibility definitely remains that we do indeed have individuals from ISIS here in this country. Given the disappearance of our southern border it would be awfully easy for ISIS militants to make their way across that border and assimilate into our society.

This is why skepticism is healthy. It keeps everyone on their toes. I’m not condoning paranoia but given the state of this country and the fact that we no longer have a border it is becoming the responsibility of the American citizen to be ever so vigilant for their own safety and we’ll being!!

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Indonesia Declares Outright Ban on ISIS and Their Supporters

IIt’s is quite sad when the United States of America isn’t able to forcibly declare a ban on a terrorist group like ISIS all the while a country that contains nearly 10% of the world’s Muslim population has just done so. Political correctness and the cowardice of the liberal progressive left has lead this country to a point in which they can no longer see evil for what it is.

According to the Christian Post,

“Swearing an oath and pledging allegiance to a foreign nation or part of a foreign nation could make an Indonesian lose his/her citizenship,” stated Saifuddin earlier this month.”

Would we ever come close to considering this type of action here? The answer is absolutely not because with our open border and the idea that everyone can come here regardless of whether or not your a terrorist has infiltrated the highest office in the land.

Even with a group like ISIS taking over more and more of the middle east, those here in this country still fail to call evil for what it is. Instead we drop a little bit of food and water and a few bombs and call it a day. It’s going to take far more than that to defeat the ISIS militants who are securely entrenched in the areas that we once cleared of terrorists.

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ISIS Poses Grave Threat to the Homdland

With the latest developments unfolding in Iraq, and our president cherry picking the places he decides to drop bombs, we at home are inadvertently being placed in grave danger.  First and foremost, it is essential that this president follow through with whatever actions he decides to take in Iraq and not just sissy foot around. Dropping a few bombs here and there isn’t even going to put a dent int the enemies forces.  They have acquired countless pieces of our own military equipment left behind after the Iraq war and looted and stolen million of dollars.  In addition to that, they have also taken control of nearly 150,000 square miles of territory.
This is an enemy that must be taken seriously as there have been recent reports of ISIS sympathizers making their way to the United States.  A recent report from explains how an ISIS sympathizer was recently arrested at JFK airport in New York City after writing posts on multiple  social media sites in support of ISIS militants in Iraq and Syria. Another threat that has gone largely unreported was the recent threat made on Grand Central Station also in New York City.  This threat which was also conveniently overlooked explainied that ISIS soldiers will soon march in and around the major transit hub in the heart of Manhatten! 

We must also not forget the recent incident that took place on the Brooklyn Bridge also located in New York City in which the American flags that fly atop each post on the bridge were replaced with washed out white versions of the same flags.  We have yet to receive a definite answer as to who or what was behind this incident as it has basically
fallen into the black hole known as the major news media cycle. Were these flags a sign of a future attack or a way of the enemy reaching out to sleeper cells already here in the United States? Or were the flags simply placed there by a prankster?

Regardless of why the flags were posted there, it has become quite clear that all signs point to ISIS as a real threat to the homeland. The more our president arbitrarily drops a few bombs here and there, the more he is simply going to piss off the enemy.  The United States must defeat the enemy at all costs or suffer the consequences as they will inevitably strike back at us.

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