ISIS in Ferguson, Missouri??

Recent photos out of Ferguson,  Missouri depict a scary scene from the heart of where the riots are taking place. Not only have there been countless reports of rioting and looting, we have now seen what appears to be a sign showing that “ISIS” has arrived to join the protest.

While one must remain extremely skeptical as to the validity of this sign as chances are this was just some idiotic protester playing what he thought was an ingenious prank. The possibility definitely remains that we do indeed have individuals from ISIS here in this country. Given the disappearance of our southern border it would be awfully easy for ISIS militants to make their way across that border and assimilate into our society.

This is why skepticism is healthy. It keeps everyone on their toes. I’m not condoning paranoia but given the state of this country and the fact that we no longer have a border it is becoming the responsibility of the American citizen to be ever so vigilant for their own safety and we’ll being!!

Young Conservative


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