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President Obola Bringing Ebola to America

Many people today are asleep at the wheel when it comes to politics which is understandable as things continue to get worse and worse many are simple beginning to give up hope. Also, many people are busy with their everyday lives they fall victim to the ever evolving mainstream media shut that is constantly being fed to us by the likes of NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, etc. People don’t have the time to do the research it takes to truly uncover what is going on in this country.

As this is the case it is becoming more and more important to take the time to really understand what is going on. Things are changing at an extremely rapid pace with regards to the ebola crisis and illegal  immigration. We are seeing a constant unending flow of illegal immigrants flooding our border while at the same time we see no actions by the federal to protect us from the possibility that an ebola infected traveler would land on our shore.

The Obama administration has done nothing to restrict travel from the ebola hot zones as it has been left up to the local governors to enact any type of quarantine regulations to keep the general public safe. Their actions have received nearly unanimous approval from the general public whike being greatly critized by the federal government. It’s almost as if the federal government is banking on an ebola outbreak within the United States as it would give them free reign to enact all sorts of regulations up to and including martial law.

-Young Conservative
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Obama Sends Military to Catch Ebola

It’s becoming more and more clear why exactly our president has sent the United States military to West Africa to battle Muhammad al Ebola! This president has always had a disgusting disdain for the military and what better way to show that disdain that to subject them to a disease such as ebola. Our military is trained to battle enemy militaries and other similar threats around the world, not a freaking virus. Additionally, the military members who were and are still being sent over to West Africa are only receiving roughly four hours of training to avoid coming into direct contact with the disease.

According to Allen B. West,

“Four hours of deployment training for Ebola? Four hours to prepare our men and women to combat against something that can take their lives? This is unbelievable. I recall spending countless hours training and preparing for a combat deployment at ranges and in the field. Heck, we spent four hours doing operations order briefings for the deployment — rehearsals and such.”

Aside from this president’s disdain for the military, I feel there is an underlying and even more nefarious plot at hand. By subjecting the military to ebola they will be pre-occupied with quarantines and arriving back without bringing ebola to our shores. This frees up Obama to fully implement his plan for an open border and to institute a “civilian security force” as the traditional military will be busy battling ebola.

While this may sound like conspiracy and I don’t like to get too wrapped up in conspiracy theories but it’s beginning to make too much sense. This president and his administration continue to make decisions that leave one just shaking their head. They continue to make decisions that are putting both the military and civilian population in grave danger. If we don’t wake up soon it may just be too late!

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The Real War on Women

And the liberal women feminists wonder why they have no credibility!! Just watch the PATHETIC video full of young girls saying FUCK as they rant about the apparent mistreatment of women in this country.
Why don’t these same women encouraging this type of behavior speak out about the real war on women going on in the Islamic culture…
Ohh wait that’d be “politically incorrect”…
Why aren’t they speaking out against female genital mutilation, the sex slave trade, the idea that a women by law is subservient to her husband, the idea that a women is not to venture out into public without her husband, the idea that a women is to keep covered at all times…
Where is the outrage over the real war on women?!?!
Young Conservative
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Duncan Died of Ebola Because He’s Black

Mr. Duncan, the first person to die of ebola on Americans soil apparently died for one simple reason… He’s black!! This is the line being fed to us from his nephew.
According to The Blaze,
“On CNN’s “OutFront” Saturday morning, Duncan’s nephew Josephus Weeks speculated that race played a role in the Texas hospital’s decision to release his uncle while the man had a raging fever.”

“He’s the only person that has died from Ebola here in America,” Weeks said. “He’s a black man. He’s poor, didn’t have insurance.”
We are going to see more and more of this as the ebola crisis continues to spiral our of control in West Africa. Combine that with the president’s reluctance to halt travel from those countries and you have the perfect formula for the government to force their socialized medicine on the masses. 
After all what on earth are we going to do if ebola breaks out in this country every single citizen will begin running to the government for help. What is even more scary is the fact that of we did indeed see an outbreak in this country it would trigger government oppression and control on a scale never before seen!
Young Conservative
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Jesse Jackson Plays the Race Card with Ebola

First we see the ebola virus make its way to American shores all thanks to the Obama administration. This administration refuses to take the necessary steps to ensure Americans are safe against this virus by shutting down the damn border and restricting air travel to individuals traveling from any of the affected countries! It’s political correctness that is literally going to kill us all and the idea that we must somehow show “compassion” for others from third world countries at the expense of our own safety, health, and we’ll being.
Now the race baiting buddy of president Obama has taken political correctness to an entirely new level.  He has somehow found a way to incorporate the race card into the first ebola case diagnosed on American soil.

According to CBS Dallas/Ft Worth,
Jackson wants to be sure that south Dallas residents were receiving proper Ebola information. “A lot of times,” she explained, “the information is the last to get there. A lot of times, they are the most unaware of what’s going on.”
Only the likes of Jesse Jackson could take the ebola fight and slap the race sticker on it. Has it ever occurred that maybe the reason the “information doesn’t get there” is because many individuals are too ignorant to take something like this seriously. We constantly see so many people on Twitter mocking and making fun of the ebola disease and the significance of the fact that this government is so ridiculously incompetent that it can’t so much as keep sick people out of this country. 

We must also take into account that Duncan isn’t even an American citizen. I know I sound like a mean, cold hearted individual but it is not the responsibility of America to care for the rest of the world. I do feel we should do our best to take care of Duncan as he is already here, but this sets a scary precedent as we have yet to secure the border or restrict air travel. Without these restrictions in place we are sure to see an influx of ebola patients doing everything they can to make their way here for treatment. 

-Young Conservative 

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White House Sends Thank You to Mosque of Beheader Prior to Beheading

The absolute pathetic, reprehensible behavior of this president never ceases to amaze!! It has been discovered that President Obola sent a thank you to the mosque that the individual who carried out the beheading in Oklahoma attended!! Not only was this the mosque that he attended, this mosque has multiple ties to radical Islam and the Muslim brotherhood!!

What the hell are people waiting for?? Wake the hell up and demand that we see justice for the atrocities that this president is to weak to condemn. Not only have we had our own ambassador murdered at Benghazi, we have had an actual beheading on American soil.

According to Breitbart,
“The White House has reportedly sent a top Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official to the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City (ISGOC) to “present a special thank you to the Muslim congregation,” Oklahoma’s KFOR reports.”

This heinous act of terrorism was referred to as “workplace violence” and has since been swept under the rug in leiu of the recent ebola case found in Texas. It’s awfully funny how when one major incident occurs such as a Benghazi or the beheading in Oklahoma, another quickly arises to take the focus off of the president. After all you know what the not so great Rahm Emanuel once said, “You never let a good crisis go to waste.”

-Young Conservative
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