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Paid Sick Leave Mandate Results in Wage Cuts

Yet again Obama is making promises that will inevitably have a negative effect on the working class of American citizens…

Do you think for one second that simply mandating businesses provide paid sick leave will not have some sort of negative repercussion?

According to James Sherk at the,

“Businesses care about the total compensation they pay workers. They care much less about how that compensation splits between wages and benefits. Economists have repeatedly found that when the government requires businesses to offer a benefit, they do so – and take the cost out of workers’ pay.”

Just like the healthcare mandate drove up healthcare costs when we were told it would lower them, this paid sick leave mandate will also drove down wages as businesses will look to cut worker pay to make up for the paid sick time they are being forced to provide.

It’s time people wake up and realize that there should be limitations to government. Government has far out stepped the boundaries placed upon it by the Constitution and people are too damn naive to realize the rug is being pulled out right from under their feet. The sheeple some believe the crap that falls out of the mouth of this president each time he issues a decree that is supposed to help “the people” yet it will wind up negatively affecting those it was designed to help!

I am all for paid sick leave, I want nothing less than to be working beside a sick coworker… But leave it up to the business owner to decode how he or she wants to run their own business.

Let the market determine whether or not the business survives. Is the business owner is so terrible in how they treat their employees no one will want to work for that person and their business will cease to exist.

The bottom line is it is not the governments responsibility to step on the toes of private businesses and dictate to them how they will run their operation.

-Young Conservative
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Last Words of Pilot on AirAsia Flight "Allahu akbar"

Reports are coming in that the pilot of the AirAsia plane that recently vanished from radar and crashed into the Java Sea was shouting one particularly chilling phrase just before splashed down, “Allahu akbar”.

While many may remain skeptical, and I must admit a bit of skepticism is definitely healthy, it is still hard to completely rule out the possibility that this crash may have been an act of terrorism. I understand that the flight was filled mostly with people of Muslim descent, but it is not out of the realm of possibility that a deranged Muslim with terror on his mind would dump a jet full of people into the ocean.

According to The Gateway Pundit,

<div apd-bannercontent="var ctoZoneID = 194257;var ctoplacementid = ‘{apd-zoneid}’;document.MAX_ct0 =”;var m3_u = (location.protocol==’https:’?’;:’;);var m3_r = Math.floor(Math.random()*99999999999);document.write (“”);” apd-shown=”0″ appendedad=”true” style=”background-color: white; border: 0px; color: #333333; font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 13.3333339691162px; margin-bottom: 1.5em; padding: 0px; vertical-align: baseline;”>Via Tribune News (translated):

Investigator Nurcahyo Utomo an expert examiner blackbox recording of National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC). He was assigned to check the recording of a conversation Captain irianto that fateful plane flew Air Asia, QZ8501. But it was not an easy task for him, because he knew very close to the former pilot of the Indonesian Air Force pilots.
As quoted from Dailymail, Wednesday (14/01/2015), Nurcahyo can not imagine what the last words of Captain irianto, before the plane crashed in the Strait dikemudikannya Karimata. “Listening to a recording of the black box can be annoying repetitive and requires good mental strength,” he said.
“Listening to the black box recording an aircraft involved in an accident do not like listening to music or discussion,” he continued.
According to him, based on the experience of listening to recordings of conversations black box of some aircraft that crashed, the last words are often heard from the black box recording is Allahu Akhbar said. “The words that make me cringe,” he said.

I think it’s safe to say that we may never truly know exactly what went on aboard the AirAsia flight just before it crashed.  We may also never know what went on even if the evidence does come out simply because we are now living in a world in which the Muslim religion is basically deemed off limits and no one dare criticize the radical Muslim jihadists for what they are, TERRORISTS!!  I am not trying to lump them all into one category, I am simply saying that we in this country and around the world must learn to call a spade a spade or we may soon face the same horrible fate that befell both the victims in Paris and possibly the victims of this horrible plane crash.

Young Conservative
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State Forces Connecticut Teen to Undergo Cancer Treatment Against Her Will

Just when you think the government cannot possibly become more intrusive, they take it to an entirely new level.  
According to AP,
The high court is set to hear arguments Thursday in the case of the girl known in court documents only as Cassandra C., who will turn 18 in September. She was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma last September, according to court documents.
While this may seem innocent enough, the scary part is the reason the court is hearing this case is the fact that the state has stepped in and mandated that she receive chemotherapy treatment against hers and her parents will.  The court is hearing whether or not the minor who has yet to turn 18 is capable of making medical decisions for herself even though her parents are in complete agreement with her wishes.

The irony here is that most liberal progressives in this country fight for the women’s right to choose regardless of age.  They fail to take into consideration this doctrine in question in this case, the “mature minor doctrine”, when it comes to abortion because it is simply the women’s right to choose and age doesn’t come into play.  Age only comes into play when the those in government decide it does.  This is what many would like to call situational ethics or behaviors that are deemed ethical as per the situation rather than having true values and beliefs that hold steadfast regardless of the circumstances.
Where do we draw the line when it comes to one’s body and who has the ultimate say so over what types of and if one does or does not receive treatment for an illness or undergo a procedure.
“It’s a question of fundamental constitutional rights–the right to have a say over what happens to your body–and the right to say to the government ‘you can’t control what happens to my body,’” Cassandra’s mother’s attorney, Michael S. Taylor, told WTIC.
As of right now TheBlaze,
Cassandra later came back home but refused treatment. The court then ordered that Cassandra be removed from her home and placed in DCF custody. The state was also granted the authority to make all necessary medical decisions on the girl’s behalf, according to documents.

It is essential that cases like this are looked at and people understand what is at stake here.  You may say this is just a rare occurrence and as of right now it is. But these cases are becoming more common just as we saw in Boston with the case over Justina Pelletier, in which the state took custody of her when the parents disagreed with the treatment she was to receive from Boston Children’s Hospital. We must remain cognizant of cases like this before the government decides it has the right to tell you and me what we do with our own bodies.


-Young Conservative


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