Month: February 2015

The Peons Debate the Color of a Dress While Christians Burn and Obama takes Executive Action on Ammunition

While the world burns and Obama takes unprecedented executive action on gun control the morons in this country and on the mainstream news debate the color of a dress.  It is truly pathetic that those in this country are letting themselves become so sidetracked from what is really going on in the world that they

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8th Grade Social Studies Teacher Assigns Pro Illegal-Immigration Homework Assignment

It’s safe to say the federal education system in this country is becoming a resource for the left to indoctrinate our youth in their progressive ideologies. Long gone are the days of teaching children to think for themselves and fostering an environment in which children are given the tools to develop independent thought processes. Kids

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Allahu akbar, Swastikas, and the Burning Down of a Church Isn’t a Hate Crime?

The FACT that this president absolutely refuses to acknowledge that radical Islam exists is utterly disgusting! We hear Obama refer to incidents like the shooting at Ft Hood as “workplace violence” even though it was confirmed the shooter was shouting Allahu akbar as he shot and killed our servicemen and women. We have even seen

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