America’s War on Christianity

This just keeps getting worse and worse as more Christian owned businesses are not only being shut down, the owners livelihoods are being completely ruined. The latest victim, this Oregon couple, owned a bake shop and they simply said that due to their Christian beliefs they couldn’t bake a cake for a lesbian couple that requested their services. At no point were they derogatory, they some referenced their Christian beliefs as to why they couldn’t perform the requested service.

Rather than speak out against the bakery and maybe utilize social media to demean the bakeries action, they went directly to the govt with their dispute. What happens next is utterly disgusting! The lesbian couple has filed a lawsuit with nearly 90 charges of how the bakeries refusal of service has caused them harm whether it be stress, weight gain, and a whole list of other ridiculous accusations.

As a result the couple who owned the obakery has since lost their shop and is now facing a $135,000 fine. It wasn’t enough to simply take away their shop, the govt is now going after everything they have.

What has come of this country when people can no longer assert their religious beliefs anywhere. It’s amazing that those who cry out for tolerance are the same ones who lack the same tolerance for people who may not agree with them. We are quickly becoming a country devoid of any religious liberty. The same religious liberty that so many, including my own family who fought for this country in the American Revolution, were willing to die for.

If you would like to support this couple please visit Samaritans Purse.

Young Conservative
#tcot #RedNationRising


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