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When the Cops Are Away the THUGS Will Play

How ironic!! When the cops are away, the THUGS will play!! This is exactly what is taking place in Baltimore as the police force has had their hands tied since the debacle that occurred following the death of Freddy Gray. 

According to the Baltimore Sun,
At least 19 people were shot Tuesday and Wednesday, pushing the city’s nonfatal shootings more than 70 percent above the count at the same point last year. Baltimore’s 98 homicides this year are 42 percent higher than the same time last year.

It makes perfect sense, the pathetic mayor of Baltimore Stephanie Rawlings Blake has waged war on the police just as president Obama has been doing with his rhetoric widened the race divide ever since he took office.  They are on the same page with this as they both share the same sentiment, to demonize the local police departments in every big city across the country.  
They believe police are the reason that the inner cities are in such bad shape, they are reluctant to come to the realization that the real reason is the culture (or lack thereof) within the inner city ghettos.  The real reason the inner cities are in such bad shape is big government policies that have been wreaking havoc on these neighborhoods since the dawn of the modern progressive era back in the late 30’s and early 40’s.  
Baltimore Police commissioner state via the Baltimore Sun,
“It makes it very difficult to follow up on violence that takes place there,” he said. “Clearly, they’re not holding back. They’re getting to those locations and getting surrounded. You have many citizens with hand-held cameras that they’re sticking in the faces of officers, an inch off the officer’s face.”

Batts said police do not want to cause a “bigger issue” by sending in backup, but they want to “make sure the officers are safe and citizens are safe.”
It’s safe to say that Obama’s end game of creating a “civilian security force that is just as well funded as our military” is coming to fruition. Obama, along with his buddy in crime the pathetic Al Sharpton, are laying the groundwork for a federal takeover of local police departments as they continue to undermine them every step of the way.  You can also see this taking place in NYC as the former Sandinista communist mayor DeBlasio backed up the pathetic so called protesters every step of the way after results of the Eric Garner case were made public.

As you sit back and watch this unfold keep in mind that there is an end game at play here and Obama and his crew have an agenda they are pushing forward.  Many of these so called protectors aren’t truly protesters at all.  They are funded by groups led by George Soros and those like him who intend on seeing the demise of this country and the development of a socialist state in which we are all simply mindless subjects who exist to serve their “greater good.”
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Welcome to 13th 14th 15th and 16th Grades!

We are constantly hearing about how we should have government funded college. We hear arguments like “so many of the European countries do it” and my favorite “I have a right to a free education.” What people who pose these arguments fail realize is that simply because the government says something is free doesn’t make it free. Who is going to pay the colleges, the maintenance staff, the professors, and so on and so forth? We are the taxpayer!

Bernie Sanders gives us his take on stealing taxpayer money to pay for extended high school via 
The Washington Examiner,

Speaking outside the U.S. Capitol, the Vermont senator called it a “national disgrace” that some students are deterred from pursuing college because of its cost and said it was “unacceptable” that college graduates postpone home purchases because of loan burdens.

This country is currently falling victim to a top down authoritarian federal government run school system that since it’s implementation has driven our standing in the world lower and lower. Our children are simply pawns in the indoctrination system. It used to be up to the parents to take care of their children and ensure they receive the proper education and the necessary skills to prosper when they get older. 

That duty has since been handed solely over to the federal education system and the parents no longer have any say as to what their children learn in school. If a parent is to so much as question the material being taught they are immediately shot down and given the bullshit excuse that the teachers and administrators know better what to teach and how to teach our youth.

As if they federal education system hasn’t done enough damage, they would like to prolong that damage by basically federalizing college essentially making it an extension of high school. And you may wonder, who is going to pay for it? You guessed it the SUCKER taxpayers.

The taxpayers are already on the hook for enough, and with Bernie Sanders approach, we will now be funding little government indoctrinated robots through mindless college studies that will leave us in greater debt and them no better ready to step out into the real world than if they never went to college in the first place.

-Young Conservative 

Before Bodies Turn Cold, Democrats Blame Republicans for Amtrak Crash

It literally took less than 24 hours before the left took it upon themselves to turn the horrific Amtrak crash that occurred last night a political football.  It is absolutely pathetic that the left would take to morning TV on all of the major networks including CBS, NBC, and ABC to try and blame the republicans for the crash. There gripe is that republicans opposed increased spending on Amtrak which obviously must of caused the crash.  Before you get all emotional as the left would like you to, let’s take a quick look at just how inefficient Amtrak has been over the past years any why increasing spending would not have prevented the crash in the first place.

According to Bloomberg Business
Amtrak, the U.S. taxpayer-supported passenger railroad, is losing tens of millions of dollars a year on food and beverage service even after years of cost cutting, its inspector general said.
Almost all of last year’s $72 million in food-service losses were from providing meals on long-distance trains, Inspector General Ted Alves said in testimony at a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing today. Contracting out some functions has the greatest potential to stem losses, he said.

Here we have the inability for Amtrak, a government run agency, to simply provide food service on their trains. If they can’t get the food service aspect of train service down pat what makes you think they can efficiently and effectively run other aspects of a train operation. If private transportation carriers can manage to provide food services on their carriers whether it be planes, trains, or buses and still operate at a profit, why can’t Amtrak?  Apparently the private sector has the where with all to figure this out, but as with nearly all government run agencies there is no accountability because there are endless funds provided by you and me, the sucker tax payer.
Brietbart goes on to explain, 
Amtrak is not running at a very modest loss. Taxpayers are effectively conscripted into carrying passengers aboard the trains on sedan chairs. It’s all done with the opaque machinery of tax-and-spend, to minimize the pain and humiliation of the people who are compelled against their will, and economic reason, into keeping the system afloat… except when something goes wrong, and those people are castigated as greedy S.O.B.s for refusing to pay even more.
Big Government has a self-sustaining death-spiral logic:
1. Give us money, and we’ll keep bad things from happening;
2. Every bad thing that happens proves we need more money.
You may be wondering, what could possibly be the solution to this problem?  Well it’s really quite simple, privatize the entire damn railway system.  When you privatize something you ensure that entity becomes accountable to its customers and employees too.  If Amtrak were a private entity it would have been lucky to have survived just a couple of years as private entities cannot operate at such a ridiculous loss.  This is what happens when government runs thing!  No one is EVER HELD ACCOUNTABLE and when things go to shit they just need more time and more tax payer money to piss down the drain!
So the next time we see government complain that they haven’t had enough funding for a particular entity, take into account the efficiency with which that underfunded entity operates at.  If it operates at a loss then you have a valid argument to lobby for it to be privatized!
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MSNBC Defends Texas Terror Attack on Free Speech Event

The so called objective reporter Ayman Mohyeldin who of course is employed by one of the most fact based news agencies known to man the great MSNBC, or as the great one Mark Levin likes to refer to them as “MSLSD”, has made the case for censoring speech in the United States to avoid offending Muslims!

This pathetic rhetoric is typical for the likes of MSNBC as they have become a bastion of liberal, hypocritical policy suggestions as well as figuring out ways to destroy the Constitution. What they fail to realize is that Islam is far from the only religion criticized in this country.

According to Brietbart,

“As though “The Book of Mormon” wasn’t currently running on Broadway; as though San Francisco doesn’t hold a blasphemous “Hunky Jesus & Foxy Mary“” contest every year; as though “Piss Christ” wasn’t funded by the American government; as though Hollywood didn’t spend billions producing one film after another trashing Christianity— without being challenged by anyone on “Morning Joe,” Mohyeldin  crybaby his lie about Muslims being singled out in America.”

The double standard that exists in this country with regards to the Islamic faith opposed to other faiths is utterly pathetic. Most other faiths today including all denominations of Christianity Mormons, and many other faiths throughout the world do not even come close to advocating the type of violence you see in Islam does. Additionally, these faiths are mocked and ridiculed constantly which would lead one to feel that violence from these faiths could almost be justified, yet they remain peaceful.

Move onto the Islamic faith which literally calls for death to the non-believer and we see so many in this country hold this religion in such high regard as to try and justify the killing that takes place in the name of freaking Allah. If Christians were killing in the name of Jesus we’d be getting rounded up in the streets. Bottom line is we in this country have the right to free speech whether the radical Islamic nut jobs agree or not! If you don’t like it then get the hell out of my country!

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Freddie Gray’s Toxicology Tests Are In

Did Freddie Gray Have Drugs in his system at the time of his death? Recent reports are confirming that both heroin and marijuana in his system when preliminary toxicology reports were performed!

According to The Right Scoop,

“Sean Hannity interviewed someone identifying himself as a Baltimore cop who says the preliminary toxicology report on Freddie Gray tested positive for heroin and marijuana. Further, contrary to early reports, the cop says that he was observed in a possible drug deal before the cops tried to apprehend him.”

So add this report to the fact that Freddie Gray had a rap sheet a mile long and there is definitely probable cause to at least confront him to find out what he was doing.

Not only did he have a rap sheet a mile long,  he ran when he made eye contact with the cops. There is your reasoning as to how the altercation that lead to his unfortunate occurred.

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Race Baiter Sharpton Shows Up in Baltimore

Everyone knew it was just a matter of time before the pathetic, race baiting piece of garbage Al Sharpton would show up in Baltimore.  What better setting than Baltimore for him to really stir up the emotions of a city already on edge.  Sharpton waited for the riots to take over the city on Monday and just a few days later he’s sitting beside the Mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings Blake.  It’s awfully sad to see the mayor of a city teaming up with the likes of Al Sharpton at a time like this.  With Sharpton by her side we hear the charges posed against the officers who are accused of killing Freddie Gray.  I’m not saying by any stretch that the officers shouldn’t face charges, but the charges that are being pressed against these officers are a tad extreme. 

According to the NY Post,
Protesters in Baltimore criticized the Rev. Al Sharpton and other national civil rights leaders Thursday for turning them away from a meeting about the community.
“I wanted to give my voice,” Shamar Gordon, 17, said after being blocked from the summit at the New Shiloh Baptist Church.
So not only does Rev Al come to Baltimore to influence the investigation, he ensures that any outside voices are banned from expressing their opinion.  This is precisely the problem with the overbearing big government.  They silence any type of possible dissenting opinion.  The most ironic portion of this mindset is the fact that the same people being silenced keep voting into office the same individuals that fail to hear their cries for change.  It is essential that people realize they must vote leaders into office that will have their best interest in mind, leaders that will truly change the community for the better.

Baltimore, just like many other big cities throughout the country, is run by Democrats.  Democrats thrive off of keeping those in poverty exactly where they are.  There has been a war on poverty for over 50 years and millions of dollars spent on lifting people up, and out of poverty.  What these Democrats fail to realize is that high taxes and over regulation drives businesses out of cities just like what we have seen in Baltimore.  The lack of businesses means lack of jobs which in turn keeps the residents of those cities dependent on government for sustenance. Residents of those locales need to wake up and realize the only way they are going to improve their neighborhoods is to elect leaders who will provide incentives such as reduced taxes which will in turn provide more jobs.  
Truth Report explains,
Though it was promoted as a discussion intended to “support the city of Baltimore” and “improve” relations among the community and police, many community members found themselves on the outside looking in, told the event was invitation-only.  
Even community members were locked out of this supposed invitation-only event hosted by Rev Al. Clearly there are events taking place that they do not want the general public to be aware of. Is Rev Al influencing the investigation so much as to be sure these officers do not receive a fair trial? We can only hope and pray that justice is serviced for both the community and the officers involved.
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