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The Case for Getting Government Out of Marriage

Given the recent Supreme Court decision regarding gay marriage we have seen a hug upheaval from those on all sides of the issue. We have seen the far left gay activists heading off of the deep end as they rub it in the faces of Christian conservatives.  We have also seen many on the far right become quite nervous as to how this ruling will affect religious institutions such as private schools, hospitals, and most importantly houses of worship. Many think that fear is far-fetched and unwarranted. 

Let’s take a look at Chief Justice John Roberts dissent regarding the gay marriage ruling as referenced in the NYT Blog, “Religious Liberty is the Rallying Cry after Gay Marriage”
But in his dissent, Chief Justice John Roberts predicted a clash ahead between religious freedom and same-sex marriage. He specifically noted the dilemma for religious colleges that provide married student housing, and adoption agencies that won’t place children with gay couples.
“There is little doubt that these and similar questions will soon be before this court,” Roberts wrote.
While we keep hearing that there is nothing to worry about, clearly the justices had considered the possible legal repercussions their ruling would have for many far removed from the two same sex individuals getting hitched. How will religious based institutions be treated if they refuse to hire those who do not fall in line with their beliefs?  Will the government actually use the force of law and begin prosecuting businesses for sticking to their deeply held religious beliefs?  This is precisely why the federal government should have never entered this arena in the first place, regardless of who is marrying who there is no right to marriage outlined in the Constitution.  As a result marriage law should reside at the state level and no higher.

As this debate becomes a major player in the upcoming presidential election we are beginning to see how the potential candidates are handling the issue. 
According to The Hill,
The libertarian-leaning presidential hopeful walks a fine line in a new column in Time magazine between his support of traditional marriage and his calls for limited government by arguing that the government shouldn’t be licensing marriage in the first place.
I’m not sure what all of the other candidates stances are so far on this issue but this is definitely a stance I can get behind. As with many other issues, Rand Paul takes the liberty stance here which is to keep government out of it.  We need someone in office who will fight to get government out of arenas like this and back to dealing with issues outlined in the Constitution.
Paul goes on to further clarify his libertarian stance,
“The government should not prevent people from making contracts but that does not mean that the government must confer a special imprimatur upon a new definition of marriage,” he writes.
Paul warns that the Supreme Court could “involve the police power of the state in churches, schools, church hospitals” if those religious institutions don’t comply with the court’s recent decision.
“I acknowledge the right to contract in all economic and personal spheres, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a danger that a government that involves itself in every nook and cranny of our lives won’t now enforce definitions that conflict with sincerely felt religious convictions of others,” he writes.
This is something the activists fail to realize when they go on their quests for things like gay marriage, gun control, racial equality, etc. They petition the federal government to make laws to appease whatever their cause is while ignorantly refusing to look at the possible implications of those laws further down the road.  They also fail to see how those laws may be interpreted or twisted when a new group of politicians are elected into office.  This is why the founders designed a Constitution greatly limiting the powers placed on a central authority, the federal government, and as a result placed more power within each individual state.  Unless we get back to this mindset we are headed down the road to destruction.

-Young Conservative

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ISIS Flag Spotted at Gay Pride Parade

It’s ironic how these types of things only seem to take place at events frequented predominantly by far left wing, liberal nut jobs. I’m not saying by any stretch that the gay marriage movement should be attributed to ISIS in any such way, what I am saying is that the group of more liberal, progressive gay rights activists, the ones found at many of these parades, have their heads so far down in the sand that they fail to even realize when they see an ISIS flag.

You can also attribute this to the ridiculous reporting from CNN in which they hardly even realized this was an ISIS flag in the first place.  Now this could absolutely be some jerk who decided to take advantage of the parade just to make a spectacle out of the flag, or it could be ISIS testing the bounds of how far they can push people all around the world.

Just look at what took place on the day gay marriage made it past the supreme court.  We witnessed three terror attacks around the world and no one batted an eye.  Far to many in this country are focused on the here and now and fail to realize what is really going on around the world. var _pop = _pop || []; _pop.push([‘siteId’, 750385]); _pop.push([‘minBid’, 0.000000]); _pop.push([‘popundersPerIP’, 0]); _pop.push([‘delayBetween’, 0]); _pop.push([‘default’, false]); _pop.push([‘defaultPerDay’, 0]); _pop.push([‘topmostLayer’, false]); (function() { var pa = document.createElement(‘script’); pa.type = ‘text/javascript’; pa.async = true; var s = document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’)[0]; pa.src = ‘//’; pa.onerror = function() { var sa = document.createElement(‘script’); sa.type = ‘text/javascript’; sa.async = true; sa.src = ‘//’; s.parentNode.insertBefore(sa, s); }; s.parentNode.insertBefore(pa, s); })();

Fist the Confederate Flag, Now the American Flag

First the confederate flag has fallen and as Rush Limbaugh predicted the next flag to come under attack is, you guessed it the American flag!

According to Rush via Politico,

“Can you just hear it now? I can hear it now: ‘The United States flag has flown over slavery and symbolized racism, discrimination, bigotry, homophobia for hundreds of years; the Confederate flag flew only four years, and we’re getting rid of the Confederate flag.’ Mark my words.”

It is utterly pathetic how the left just keeps moving from one thing to the next demonizing everything this country stands for. All of our history is out the window in the name of “racism” and “bigotry”. The liberal morons on the left fail to give credit to how far we’ve come since the inception of this great nation. They fail to realize we have overcome slavery, and people are more equal now than at any time in history.

We see a heinous acts like the one that took place in Charleston and we are told that it’s society’s fault and we must all change our ways as a result… Yet we see radical islamists carry out even more heinous acts like the one that took place in Moore, Oklahoma or in Ft Hood, Texas and we’re told it’s just workplace violence; there’s nothing to see here move along. If the morons on the left want to generalize acts like this and blame them on a broad group of people at least they could be consistent and touch on radical Islam as the culprit just as they tackled the confederate flag as the reason Dylan Roof carried out the church shooting about a week ago.

Not long after governor Nikki Haley stated that she was in favor of removing the confederate flag we see Farrakhan attacking the American flag.

According to Brietbart Farrakhan stated,

“I don’t know what the hell the fight is about over the Confederate flag. We need to put the American flag down. Because we’ve caught as much hell under that as the Confederate flag,” comments that were meant with cheers and applause. He added, “Who are we fighting today? It’s the people that carry the American flag.”

The radical left are beginning to show their true colors. I say it time and time again that we need to wake up and see what’s going on right in front of our own eyes. 

People like this are coming to the forefront and brainwashing the youth into believing America is and always was the worst country on the face of the earth.  According to this individual and those like him, America is still and always was a hateful, racist nation that must be taken down from the inside out!

-Young Conservative
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Obama Politicizes Charleston Shooting Before the Bodies Turn Cold

It is utterly amazing the lack of respect this president has for the average American citizen as he goes before a national audience to address the American people following the tragedy that befell Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina.  Rather than address the calamity for what it was, a psychotic individual who opened fire on innocent Church goers, our pathetic President proceeds to leverage the incident to advance one of his political goals, furthering gun control.  

During his diatribe against guns he spews the typical rhetoric about how guns are the problem and we are the only country in the developed world that deals with this type of issue.  Well Mr. President I can assure you that regardless of the gun control laws, and regardless of what other countries do, one constant remains… The criminals will always find a way to get their guns and the only sure fire defense against a criminal with a gun is a law abiding citizen with a gun.  Criminals do not abide by “gun free zones” as this Church was considered one which clearly didn’t deter Dylann Roof from following through on this heinous act.  

Photo from
Another issue that often goes unaddressed with regards to this mass shootings is the possibility that the perpetrator was on some sort of anti-psychotic, anti-depressant, or some drug of that sort. Many in society have become so quick to assign young people drugs to resolve perceived societal problems.  The only issue with this is the fact that far too often the drugs simply make things worse which results in the doctor prescribing even more drugs to counteract the side effects.  

According to
Charleston shooter Dylann Storm Roof was reportedly taking a drug that has been linked with sudden outbursts of violence, fitting the pattern of innumerable other mass shooters who were on or had recently come off pharmaceutical drugs linked to aggression.
So you may ask, what is the solution to this problem?  Well it is actually quite simple, more guns.  I know most of you think I’m crazy but the only sure fire way to fight a perpetrator with a gun is to meet him with equal or greater force.  Now I’m not advocating we let all of the crazies go out and start buying firearms, but the law abiding citizen does have the 2nd amendment right to own a fire arm to protect themselves. provides the perfect resolution to Obama’s gun problem,
Pastors, let me help you out: The job of the shepherd is to serve and protect sheep, and in this permissive and paranormal milieu that means not only with TLC and sound doctrine but with several semi-autos and some Cor-Bon hollow points. I know it’s not a pleasant thought, and they didn’t tell you this stuff in seminary, but this is the world we live in, and this is the hand we’ve been dealt, so . . . play it like a poker champ. Be relevant.
If you or your church do not know where to begin or would like some advice on how to protect the few or many people in your pastorate there are many security experts in the US that can help you assess your situation and get appropriately armed to the teeth.

We are coming to a tipping point in this country in which we will either stand up for our rights or be herded to the cattle car to meet our demise as so many did during WWII.  Hitler himself was able to take over the populace by doing the same exact thing our president is preaching today, taking the guns away.  When they take the guns away the only people left with the guns are the government and the criminals, oh and the criminals in government as well.  So I ask are you willing to be part of the sheeple being lead to the slaughter or are you going to stand up for your Constitutional right to bear arms and risk it all like our forefathers did for the freedoms so many were willing to die for? 
Young Conservative
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Teacher Shows Class what Socialism Looks Like, Fails Entire Class

Oh the irony! So often today high school and college age kids get wrapped up in the idea of socialism.  They idolize so called leaders like Che Guevara yet fail to understand the true plight of the middle class under this so called “Marxist revolutionary”.  Main stream media outlets are flooded with politicians speaking about how they care about the middle class all the while they are so far removed from the middle class they couldn’t relate even if they tried.

We hear about how they are going to bat for the middle class, when in reality they could care less about the middle class. A successful middle class would literally put them out of business.  The large, bloated government we have today has developed itself on the backs of middle class workers.

The infamous slogan once uttered by Louis Blanc in 1851 and made more popular Karl Marx,

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

The teacher in this experiment decided it was time to teach his students the real effects of socialism.  The results were definitely eye-opening to the students and one can only hope this has a profound effect on them.  Hopefully they wake up to what we are facing as our government is headed down the road to socialism and far to many don’t even realize it!

The Federalist Papers outlines an experiment on socialism conducted by an economics professor at Texas Tech.

July 4th Moved to Avoid Offending Muslims

Is this really what our country has come to?  Are we really cow-towing to muslims now and moving the holiday in which we celebrate the birth of our nation, July 4th, to June 4th to avoid offending muslims during the month of ramadan.  Let me ask you, when is the last time others went out of their way to cater to the American way of doing things?  No one EVER takes into consideration American values, American customs, or simply the American way of doing things.  We have done away with anything that has to do with the spirit in which this country was founded.  There have even been incidents in which American citizens have been told to take down their own American flags to avoid “offending” others.  

Photo Credit Jakarta Post
According to BizPacReview,
In a move than perfectly embodies President Obama’s doctrine on foreign policy, the United States Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia celebrated America’s independence a full month early.
To avoid offending Muslims.
The embassy celebrated the 4th of July on June 4 out of respect for the upcoming Ramadan month, which lasts from June 17 through July 17,according to the Jakarta Post.
Observance of Ramadan, one of the Five Pillars of Islam, requires fasting by Muslims from dawn to sunset.
The U.S. Ambassador, Robert Blake, held festivities at his residence in Central Jakarta on Thursday, the Post reported.
“Democracy is an American value which we have championed since 1776,” Blake told those in attendance.
Enough with everyone taking “offense” to things they may not like or agree with. What ever happened to individuals who possessed the courage to stick up for what they believe in?  We have become a country of wussies and like always the fish stinks from the head.  Our own government is setting the example of how to be a wussy.  Obama likes to stand there and try and make us believe that he has single handedly made America the most respected country in the world again.  We can’t even celebrate our own country’s birth on the day it was conceived because it may offend the muslims, and he wants us to believe that America is once again a respected country on the world stage?  The worst part is there are so many morons in this country who fall right in line with the crap that falls out of his mouth and hang on his every word.  
WAKE UP PEOPLE!! This president is selling our country out to the illegal immigrants, Russia, and the radical muslim nations of the middle east.  It’s safe to say that this country is literally unrecognizable from what it once was when we lead the fight and subsequent defeat of the Nazis in WWII.  Since then we have seen a steady decline in American influence around the world culminating in what we are witnessing today as Obama sees to it that we continue down the path of destruction. 
Young Conservative

The Truth Behind the McKinney Pool Party Debacle

Topping news headlines for nearly a week now has been yet another supposed run in with cops. This time the run in was between a group of rowdy youth and a single officer. We are being shown time and time again a snippet of the entire story to continue the agenda put in place by Obama and Sharpton to put down local law enforcement. 

This is being done with the hope that eventually the puppets who hang on their every word will demand a federal takeover of our local police departments all over the country. Needless to say we all know how that would work out!

As usual we are not being made aware of the rest of the story that preceded this run in with the cops!

Reports suggest that prior to this incident, the youth (black and white) were acting animals and disrespecting both property and the people living in the private apartment complex where the pool party was being held.

Had they not been acting like little thugs and showed some respect for the people living in the complex I guarantee this would have never occurred! I’m not necessarily condoning the actions of the police officer with regards to drawing his weapon but had the incident not gotten out of hand like it did he would of never pulled out his gun in the first place! 

According to Gateway Pundit the events at the pool party unfolded as follows,

“PLEASE HELP! That (now viral) video of the officer in McKinney subduing a girl in a bathing suit was in OUR neighborhood. The situation was NOT what is being reported…

A DJ setup in a public space next to the private pool in our neighborhood on Friday and played loud explicit (F-bomb) music for multiple hours (it is unclear if he was invited by a resident as no one has claimed responsibility). The teenagers (both black and white) were being brought into our neighborhood by the carload because the DJ was tweeting out invites to a “pool party” for $15 (obviously unauthorized by our neighborhood). The teens began fighting with each other and pushing their way into our private pool. Some were jumping our fence. The security guard was accosted when he tried to stop the beginnings of this mob scene. Some residents who live around the park/pool area tried to come out and settle things down. The teens started yelling racial slurs at our neighbors and started assaulting people and property (throwing bottles at cars and attacking a mother at the pool with 3 young children). The first officer on the scene was by himself. At that time, the party had grown to a large, aggressive crowd. As the officer arrived, many teens started running through our neighborhood. Many of the teens were being very aggressive and yelling at the officers as more arrived.

This was a very dangerous situation for the officers AND the teens/residents not involved. The news media has refused to hear the neighborhood’s side of this story. The video being distributed is only a very small segment of what happened. This information being distributed by the media and others is extremely distorted and in some cases outright lies.

PLEASE HELP US STOP THE BROADCASTING OF THIS IGNORANCE. The media is trying to make it look like our neighborhood is a white’s only, racist area. Anyone who has spent even a few minutes in our area knows this is an outright LIE.”

We must question news reports now more than ever given the agenda that is being put forth. News outlets are simply an extension of the liberal, progressive agenda and far to many Obama zombies believe everything being fed to them. Stay vigilant and question EVERYTHING!

-Young Conservative