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Why Minimum Wage Increase is a JOKE!

Since when was a minimum wage job supposed to be a career? Simple answer it was never intended to be such. A minimum wage job is designed to be a stepping stone to a better job, a pathway to management, an arena to get the experience you need to progress to a career oriented job!

We are seeing the cry for increased minimum wage all over the country and we are also seeing the side effects of such acts. It’s all fine and great to mandate that workers receive increased pay but politicians and liberal morons alike both fail to realize the real consequences. First and foremost increased wages will inevitably result in increased cost of good and services. It’s really quite simple, if the owner of an establishment must pay more to staff his business he will in effect pass that cost on to the end user aka the customer. Another major side effect is reduced number of jobs and hours. Employers will simply cut back on the number of people they hire and in many cases adopt automating their business processes wherever they can.

One other aspect of increased minimum wage that often times goes unaddressed is the pay equality. If someone flipping burgers all of the sudden receives what amounts to a pay increase of roughly 30% what happens to the rest of us? Do we also receive a pay increase to offset the increased cost of good and services the increased minimum wage is causing? How is it that a job that requires no skill such as flipping burgers is all of the sudden on par with what a police officer or teacher makes?

According to ABC 7 News,

Many fast-food workers say their industry should pay a minimum wage of $15 an hour so workers can afford the high cost of living in New York City and elsewhere. Jorel Ware, 34, works at a McDonalds in the Bronx where he is paid the minimum wage. He makes ends meet thanks to support from his mother. A $15 wage, he said, would transform his life and the lives of thousands of New Yorkers.

An increase in the minimum wage in a city like New York would only increase the cost of living. They will start with those in fast food restaurants and then it will move into retail because these working in retail will feel “discriminated against” and eventually no one will be allowed to make less than $15 an hour! When this occurs it will wreak havoc on the economy of NYC as it will no longer be profitable for businesses to exist there. Just look around the country at other cities that have attempted to institute a minimum wage like $15 an hour.

According to the Washington Policy Center,

As the implementation date for Seattle’s strict $15 per hour minimum wage law approaches, the city is experiencing a rising trend in restaurant closures.  The tough new law goes into effect April 1st.

The closings have occurred across the city, from Grub in the upscale Queen Anne Hill neighborhood, to Little Uncle in gritty Pioneer Square, to the Boat Street Cafe on Western Avenue near the waterfront.

The shut-downs have idled dozens of low-wage workers, the very people advocates say the wage law is supposed to help.  Instead of delivering the promised “living wage” of $15 an hour, economic realities created by the new law have dropped the hourly wage for these workers to zero.

So there you have it! The mandatory minimum wage law at work and destroying businesses and low wage workers lives in Seattle! It’s really not hard to understand the negative effect a mandatory minimum wage will have on a city! When the price of labor went up in Seattle what did business owners do? – they laid off workers. So the bottom line is this, would you rather make some money rather than no money at all? All a minimum wage increase in NYC will do is increase both the welfare state and crime as the inevitable layoffs will leave people with empty pockets and no jobs!

-Young Conservative


Obama Sets the Stage for WWIII

As if our pathetic excuse of a president hasn’t done enough to undermine and demean what the United States stands for he sinks to a new low! He has now put the US in direct diplomatic talks with an admitted states sponsor of terror the Iranian regime under Ali Khamenei! This is an individual who along with his fellow countrymen have opening chanted death to America in the streets and are determined to see the destruction of Israel! How can we possibly even consider striking a deal with an nation whose citizens believe in the death of America?

Obama is setting the stage for the demise of the Western way of life as we know it.  That is the end game of the radical regime in Iran!  This is a country that supports Hezbollah whose outspoken goal is the destruction of the Jewish state.  The same Jewish state that is our only true ally in the entire middle east.  Yes we have other allies but none like Israel!

Aside from stabbing Israel in the back, we are also lifting sanctions on Iran which will inevitably have negative affects not only for Israel but for the entire region. By lifting sanctions on Iran we are in turn giving them the ability to acquire more money, money that National Security Advisor Susan Rice has openly admitted could be used to fund the  Iranian military!

Susan Rice explains in this Brietbart piece how the money may be used,

But yes, it is real, it is possible, and, in fact, we should expect that some portion of that money would go to the Iranian military and could potentially be used for the kinds of bad behavior that we have seen in the region up until now. But the goal here, Wolf, was never, and was not designed to prevent them from engaging in bad behavior in region. They’re doing that today. The goal is to ensure that they don’t have a nuclear weapon, and therefore, when they are engaging in that bad behavior, are that much more dangerous.”

It is quite clear this deal is setting the stage for a showdown in the not too distant future in which we will be faced with a nuclear Iran. When Iran comes into these large sums of money they will amass once the sanctions are lifted you can rest assured they will put that money to use acquiring nuclear technology. Along with the money, we are reportedly giving them a two week window between the time at which we announce we are inspecting their facilities and when we actually inspect them. WE ARE GOING THEM A TWO WEEK WINDOW!! During this time the Iranian regime will have more than enough time to cover their tracks and hide whatever they may be up to! It’s time people wake up and realize that there is no negotiating with radical Islam and until this realization is made within our federal government we are on the cusp of WWIII!!

-Young Conservative

Restoring Pride in America

The significance of the 4th of July seems to be waning as the years go by which is truly sad considering this date is the day we are supposed to celebrate the birth of this great nation.  Yes I said it America is a great nation!  This is an idea that also seems to be waning thanks to our president who is selling us out to the rest of the world.  Since becoming president we have seen a steady decline in patriotism throughout the country across nearly all age groups.

According to Brietbart,

The poll, conducted from June 2-7, showed only 54% of respondents agreeing that they were “extremely proud” to be Americans, the lowest percentage in the 15 years Gallup has asked the question. In 2001, before the 9/11 attacks, the percentage rested at 55%, rising to 70% by 2003, but the percentage has vacillated between 58% and the current 54% ever since Barack Obama took office.

It’s quite sad that it takes a terrorist attack the likes of what we all witnessed on 9/11 to give people a sense of togetherness and pride in their country.  As the years have gone by we have become complacent and really begun taking things for granted.  The younger generation is growing up with an entitlement mentality which is a large factor contributing to the downfall of how people view their country.  You add Obama’s rhetoric into the mix as he continues to divide the country racially, by class, and by gender and it’s safe to say there is more divisiveness among Americans than at any time in recent history.

Brietbart goes on to explain,
In another non-surprise, the older Americans were, the more likely they were to feel extremely proud of their country; 64% of those over 65 felt that way; 58% of those aged 50-64; 52.5% of the 30-49 age group, and only 43% of youngsters ages 18-29.

These statistics just confirm what I was just explaining.  The younger generation is being brainwashed by our leaders and by our federally run school system with a blame America first mentality.  Our schools no longer teach that American exceptionalism.  Instead they teach about the supposed “atrocities” that America has committed throughout its history and NEVER talk about the good that has resulted in the birth of this country.  Never before in the history of the world had a country like America been conceived in which a man was considered to be endowed by his creator with inalienable rights.  Rights that are not provided by government, but rights that are universal rights the founders believed to be God given rights.

This Fourth of July when you are watching the fireworks think about what this country represents.  Think about the famous words of Ronald Reagan as he believed America to be that “shining city on a hill”. He had faith in the goodness of America and the goodness of its citizens.  This is the type of faith we need to restore in this country and it all starts with showing respect for what this country stands for and the ability to stand tall and say I am proud to be an American!

-Young Conservative