Month: January 2016

Millennials are Buying into Socialist Bernie Sanders

My generation, the millennials, never seem to amaze as they are now beginning to fall in line with the socialist in the room, the outspoken “democratic socialist” Bernie Sanders. With lines like free college for everyone, free healthcare, and countless other free government programs, the millennial generation falls hook line and sinker for every shiny

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Live Tweeting Last Night’s Debate

Thank you @tedcruz we need a #POTUS who will restore respect for America in the world today! #GOPDebate #GOP #tcot #RedNationRising — Young Conservative™ (@steve0423) January 15, 2016 // The corporate tax is why businesses go overseas and take jobs with them!! #GOP #GOPDebate #tcot #RedNationRising — Young Conservative™ (@steve0423) January 15, 2016 // We

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