Millennials are Buying into Socialist Bernie Sanders

My generation, the millennials, never seem to amaze as they are now beginning to fall in line with the socialist in the room, the outspoken “democratic socialist” Bernie Sanders. With lines like free college for everyone, free healthcare, and countless other free government programs, the millennial generation falls hook line and sinker for every shiny object those like Bernie dangle in front of them. There is one thing they fail to realize, and that is the fact that government itself cannot make anything free. Government doesn’t actually produce anything, and everything they intend to make free is paid for by the tax payer.

Just look at twitter the other day and you will see just how bad things are getting.  Not only is Bernie Sanders gaining a larger foothold in the upcoming race for president on the Democratic ticket, he is taking on a lot more followers from the aforementioned millennial generation.  You see this is where the problem lies, the mindless millennials as I like to call them fall for the emotional aspect of what it is Bernie says. 






We are seeing an ever growing following behind the socialist Bernie Sanders which I find quite terrifying given the fact that his proposals will only make this country worse off. We will be headed down the road to ruin just like Venezuela who has experimented with many of the same proposals as what Bernie intends to do if elected. The millennials need to understand that just because government says something is free it is by no means free and it is the working middle class that will foot the bill. Regardless of what he or Hillary preaches about how they will reign in Wall Street and the big banks there will still be many crony capitalists in bed with the government and they will always get around paying taxes as so many of Hillary’s donors have already been doing now for quite some time.

What we are seeing with the increasing popularity of Bernie and the already rampant popularity of Trump is a blind following that hangs on the every promise of these two candidates. It’s time the American people wake up and begin doing their homework. We all need to fully vet and research all of the candidates running for the office of the President of the United States on both the Republican and Democrat sides. We need to become better informed voters and see through the rhetoric.

-Young Conservative

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