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The Animals are on the Loose at Trump Rallies in the Southwest

The protesting at Trump rallies has officially gone too far. I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of seeing these pathetic pukes run around waving the damn Mexican flag in our country.  This really hits home with me because I’m tired of people coming here from other countries only to tell us how great their home country is.  If your home country is so damn great then why the hell did you come here in the first place.  There used to be something called assimilation in which people wanted to come to America to embrace American values and what America once stood for.  

I don’t necessarily consider myself a Trump supporter but I do believe in his motto that we need to make America great.  I wouldn’t necessarily say great again as I believe America has always been and still is great, we just need to get back to the founding principles this country once stood strongly for.

The problem we are seeing with these so called protests that are taking place wherever Trump goes is the fact that police are giving these ANIMALS, yes I said it, ANIMALS room to riot.  Just like we all witnessed in Baltimore, we are seeing the same riot type mentality take place at all of these protests.  Police stand idly by as these maniacs break through barricades, stomp on police cars, and basically do as they please with hardly any pushback from law enforcement.  

According to the Los Angeles Times,

“You can’t arrest all of us,” one woman shouted. Another group of anti-Trump demonstrators continued to linger, yelling, “Mexico! Mexico!”

Around the Anaheim Convention Center, lines of mounted police moved through the streets, with several dozen protesters in front of them. Some had scarves covering their face, others taunted police officers. By 3 p.m., only a couple dozen protesters remained, with one person tearing down a stop sign near Katella Avenue.

Actually they can arrest most of you and what they should be doing is sending back to Mexico whomever is here illegally.  That would be one extremely efficient way in which these protest could be stopped.  Put the fear of God in these illegals immigrant thugs and let them know they are breaking our laws and they will be sent right back where they came from. But we all know that will never happen as they represent the next largest voting block for the Democrat party.  The Democrats look to them as the next recipient class they can dangle their free crap in front of and in turn have Democrat voters for the next two generations.

Young Conservative


The islamist Invasion of the West

They say as goes Europe so goes the United States at least that is how things have been over the past few decades.  For some reason, a reason I still cannot fathom, the liberal progressives obsess over the morons in Europe and their progressive ideologies.  Those same ideologies are literally destroying their way of life from their culture to their economies. With wave after wave of islamist refugees making their way from Syria and other countries throughout the middle east to countries like Germany, Sweden, and other European countries they are bringing with them their demented “culture”, a culture of demeaning and beating women, stoning gays, and the attempt to implement sharia law.

The atrocities being carried out by the barbarians in the middle east and Europe seem to be going completely unnoticed to the everyday liberal progressive here in the United States.  The same individuals that claim to stand for human rights and especially the rights of women and those in the gay community fail to address the islamic invasion and the effect it is having on every aspect of Western life in Europe.

According to Truth Revolt,

As Sputnik News reports, last year’s “unparalleled influx of refugees from the Middle East and Africa has left Sweden riddled with housing problems, unemployment and soaring crime,” yet its new priority is to meet the religious demands of said refugees by training new crops of imams — using taxpayer funds.

Yes… You read that right, the islamic invasion of Europe is becoming so bad that now they are literally considering using taxpayer funds to train freaking imams.  Trust me it is only a matter of time before this mentality makes its way to American shores and the progressives will embrace it with open arms.  After all the entire religion of islam is completely off limits from criticism and it is for some screwed up reason our responsibility to cater to the islamists as we already do. Muslims are opening up mosques all over this country, Deerborn Michigan has since been renamed Deerbornistan, hell the muslims even tried to open a mosque within spitting distance of where the Twin Towers once stood and there were plenty of idiots defending the idea.

The Truth Revolt goes on to explain,

According to reports, the new taxpayer-funded imam training is slated to begin this fall at Kista High School in Stockholm. Not surprisingly, the push was initiated by the school’s headmaster,  a chap named Abdulkader Habib.

This brings up another concerning aspect of the islamist invasion of the West.  The fact that they are beginning to infiltrate government offices, and other offices from which they can exude influence on the masses.  This is where the millennial generation really needs to wake the hell up and understand what is going on.  The millennials live in a bubble believing that everything will always be ok and my concern is that when they finally wake up we will have passed the point of no return. If we do not push back against the islamist invasion we will begin to see “no-go zones” which have already cropped up throughout Europe.  Areas in which the islamists govern themselves, we Westerners aren’t allowed to go there, and our police forces have no jurisdiction.

It is essential that we all truly wake up and smell the coffee because if we don’t it won’t be long before that will be Halal coffee we will be smelling, we won’t be able to indulge in our beloved bacon, and our women will be wearing freaking hijabs.

Young Conservative

The Anger and Frustration of the Conservative Movement

I get it, I really do get it! The anger and outrage we are seeing by so many on the “right” seems to be coming to a tipping point and that tipping point has resulted in the phenomenon that is Donald Trump. In addition to the massive backing the Donald has been receiving we have seen Republicans and Conservatives alike become increasingly frustrated with the way many aspects of the federal government are run. Over the course of the past 6 or so years we have elected more and more Conservative thinking politicians into office with the hope that by doing so we can stem the tide of progressive filth being fed to us from Obama and the left. One of those pieces of progressive filth has been Obamacare.

According to Huffington Post,

In August 2009, the debate over the proposed Affordable Care Act made its way into town hall meetings across the country. Democrats hoped to use the forums to explain the complexities of health care reform and dispel any myths. They came with long-winded answers and PowerPoint slides.

Tea party conservatives had another plan: They saw these earnest settings as opportunities for rage. The gatherings quickly devolved into shouting matches and even physical altercations. Democrats were accused of torching the Constitution and handing people with disabilities a death sentence.

“It was a lot of vitriolic racism,” recalled former Rep. Tom Perriello (D-Va.), who was then a freshman Democrat from a conservative-leaning district.

“I was getting spit on. My staff was getting kicked,” he said. “We were getting calls using the N word every day. People were very comfortable in very professional settings saying, ‘You know there is nothing for white people in this bill. Why are you supporting it?’”

It’s funny how the likes of Huffington Post paint Conservatives with a broad brush as racists and hate mongers like they’ve done here, yet they truly fail to address the reason why the people are so upset. I by no means condone the behavior of these individuals and don’t think they represent the true Conservatives but it’s easy to see why they are so mad. Like I said we have been voting election after election for individuals who we believe will uphold the Constitution and get government out of places where it has no business being such as our health care.

This type of thinking would help to eliminate much of the discord we see today in government on both a federal and local level. If the average American citizen actually read and understood the Constitution they would realize that the federal government isn’t the be all end all and that we do have a 10th amendment that would place things like health care under local government control where it belongs. Even then government should remain out of such things as much as possible as the free market is the best alternative to the Obamacare debacle.

Regardless of what side of the isle you are on it is imperative that we all control ourselves regardless of the circumstances surrounding our government run amok. The more aggressive we become the more aggressive government becomes and right now that is not a road we want to head down. In the meantime we need to read the Constitution and other historical documents, do our homework, and elect individuals who will abide by the Constitution and truly stand up for the rule of law!

-Young Conservative