THUGS Harass Cops in NYC Bodega

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While many would love to debate whether or not liberalism is a mental disorder one cannot question it after viewing this video.  There are literally no words to describe just how pathetic these little punks are as they stand there and badger these two police officers who are simply getting a cup of coffee.
THIS!!! Is why there is such a rift between the police and citizens in so many communities.  Sure the police aren’t perfect, but if something were to happen at the exact moment these disgusting little, good for nothing, excuses for human beings were harassing these officers you can rest assured the cops would drop everything to protect them.

Police in this country do not get the respect they deserve and this video is a prime example of what many officers have to deal with on an ever day basis.  Protecting you and me is a thankless job, therefore we must be sure to thank the men and women who protect and serve every chance we get!


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