Chucky Shmuckey Schumer Wants a Deal on SCOTUS Nominee

Sorry Chuck But We Aren’t Making Any Deals

All of the sudden we see the pathetic Senator Chuck Schumer crawling over to the Republicans attempting to make a deal on the Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch!

This post could not possibly be more hilarious! All of the sudden we are supposed to have a tit-for-tat government where if you get your way we get our way. Sorry Chucky but guess what we won! We won the House, the Senate, and the Presidency… Therefore we have complete control over the government and those we elected have a mandate to rule as per the Constitution and place a judge in the court who truly understands that founding document. Not an individual who will essentially shred the Constitution believing the judges role is to legislate from the bench!

You also seem to be forgetting the FACT that when the Democrats had control of the Senate they decided to create something called the “nuclear option”.  Sucks when you create rules to benefit your party when you’re in control and all of the sudden the people speak up and you lose that control.

The following responses on Twitter were rather entertaining…

Please Chuck let us know how your pathetic plea bargain works out for you.  Just remember we have the pen and the phone now!!

H/T Twitchy

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