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The Rambling Moron Maxine Waters

Just when you think the moronic Democrats just can’t get any dumber; just when you think they can’t throw any more temper tantrums as they grasp at straws trying to find some way to bring down Trump, we see good old (and I mean old) Maxine Waters make a fool of herself yet again.

You know it’s bad when the oh so intellectual, fair minded, balanced taking heads at MSNBC are grilling Democrats like Waters and getting them to squirm. This MSNBC anchor actually found a bit a credibility as he asked Waters how Hillary Clinton would of addressed the Comey situation. Sure enough Waters explained that she would of supported Clinton in firing Comey.

Herein lies the hypocrisy that so many on the left are too ignorant or simply too stupid to call out. The double standard is pathetic and it’s time people wake up to what’s really going on and hold the fake news media and these hypocritical politicians accountable.