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Trump Heads to Texas on Tuesday

Media Will Say Trump Didn’t Go Soon Enough

Mark my words, when Donald Trump heads to Texas on Tuesday following or in the midst of the disaster that has come as a result of Hurricane Harvey.

According to The Hill,

President Trump will visit Texas on Tuesday amid the ongoing recovery efforts for Tropical Storm Harvey, according to the White House.

The details of the trip, including the location of Trump’s visit, are still to be determined.

“The president will travel to Texas on Tuesday,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement. “We are coordinating logistics with state and local officials, and once details are finalized, we will let you know. We continue to keep all of those affected in our thoughts and prayers.”

Trump on Sunday praised the agencies responding to the disaster and said he planned to visit Texas.

“I will be going to Texas as soon as that trip can be made without causing disruption. The focus must be life and safety,” the president wrote on Twitter.

Trump and Vice President Mike Pence held a second teleconference with Cabinet officials Sunday to discuss the ongoing response to the storm, which first made landfall on Friday as a Category 4 hurricane.

“President Trump continued to stress his expectation that all departments and agencies stay fully committed to supporting the Governors of Texas and Louisiana and his number one priority of saving lives,” the White House said of the teleconference.

We have already witnessed the media take advantage of Hurricane Harvey to push both their global warming narrative.  You can rest assured that the media will do anything they can to exploit this disaster for political gain.  After all lets not forget the famous words of Rahm Emanuel explaining how they never want to let a good crisis go to waste.

Remember this as you watch how the fake news media approaches Trump’s response and the response of federal agencies following the hurricane over the next few weeks.


Antifa: Violence in the Streets of Boston

Antifa Violence on Full Display in Boston

It turns out the opposition to the free speech rally yesterday in Boston wasn’t as peaceful as the fake news media would like you to believe.  After all lets look at this logically, there was an opposition to a rally in support of free speech and you have the mainstream media literally supporting the fact that these people were protesting our first amendment right.

Our President weighed in on the situation that unfolded in Boston.

At least we have a President willing to call out the protesters for what they are and defend our police as they are on the front lines of this lunacy.

Do you think the mainstream media will come out and commend President Trump for understanding the importance of the right to free speech whether we agree with it or not?  Instead we have various media outlets looking to continue the race baiting narrative as they push their agenda to continue dividing this nation.

These media outlets looked to the Boston Free Speech like a win for groups like Antifa when in reality no one “won” in Boston yesterday as our first amendment right to free speech took a major blow.

And then steps in the fake news media.

The purveyor of more fake news than any other so called journalists is calling on the President to wait for the facts to come in when we all watched on TV as the masked Antifa protesters were attacking police officers.  Due to the fact that the “alt-right” or “right wing” groups had already vacated the premises the media outlets couldn’t blame the violence on anyone but groups they support. As a result they ignored it altogether.

The Police department was literally tweeting out asking these rioters (they’re not protesters, they are rioters) to “refrain from throwing urine, bottles, and other harmful projectiles at our officers.”  Where was the reporting on this?

The more we see this type of behavior unfold on the streets of this country, the more it will embolden those that stand for the Constitution and the rule of law.  It is up to us to call out these “anti-fascists” for who they are and expose their actions for what they are, CRIMINAL.  If the media will not report accurately and journalists will not do their jobs and report on the facts we must expose the left, the Democrats, and their tactics for what they are.

They are the fascists, they must be stopped, and the most effective way to do so is to expose them for who and what they are.

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Free Speech Under Siege in Boston

Antifa Out to Squash our Right to Free Speech

We have come to a tipping point in this country!  We are literally watching a group referred to as Antifa or “anti-fascist” try and restrict others right to free speech.  It is literally mind blowing that more people haven’t awakened to the fact that those that call themselves “anti-fascist” are actually employing fascist tactics to reduce or eliminate our Constitutional rights.  What makes this even worse is the endorsement that Antifa has from the mainstream media and no one is willing to call them out for it.


This type of rhetoric should disturb you far more than any person simply exercising their right to free speech.  When you have media outlets literally justifying the use of violence because the fascist demands of a group like Antifa haven’t been met you are largely to blame for any violence that ensues.

Antifa are the Fascists

It’s time we start exposing Antifa for the fascists they really are.  We need to get out there and expose the media and their narrative to justify the behavior by this group and help people realize what a true fascist is.

According to Wikipedia,

Fascism/ˈfæʃɪzəm/ is a form of radical authoritariannationalism,[1][2] characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and control of industry and commerce,[3] that came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe. The first fascist movements emerged in Italy during World War I, before it spread to other European countries. Opposed to liberalismMarxism, and anarchism, fascism is usually placed on the far-right within the traditional left–right spectrum.

There you have it those that call themselves the anti-fascists are literally using fascist tactics to get what it is they want.  And what they want is a authoritarian style government hence why the Democrats refuse to denounce them and why they idolize individuals like Bernie Sanders who openly called for a revolution in this country.  Unless we can get people to wake up to the threat posed by Antifa and the fact that they are affiliated with the Democrat party and lauded by the fake news media we will only see an increase in violence.

Calls For the Removal of Washington and Jefferson Monuments

Trump was Right Again

The “fake news” media obviously will not report on this but it appears there is a movement underway to advocate for the removal the monuments of both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

This person in question isn’t just a random Twitter troll either, he was the vice-presidential running mate for the Green Party alongside Jill Stein.  So it’s safe to say that the true colors of the left are shining through as we are seeing their real intentions as they attempt to reshape society and destroy everything this country was founded upon!

The Left Has Been Triggered

The Left is Losing it As Trump Calls Out Alt-Left

We have been seeing this phenomena now for quite some time, the back and forth over whether or not we should have statues commemorating the civil war.  While the liberals seemed to have gotten over this with the media pursuing the phony Russia investigation and North Korea threatening to blow us up, things reached a boiling point over the weekend with the events that unfolded in Charlottesville, Virginia.

If you’ve been living under a rock I’ll help get you up to speed.  A group of idiotic white supremacists obtained a permit to hold a rally at the statue of Robert E. Lee.  Of course that didn’t go over well with the fascist group known as Antifa (anti-fascists) and the other peaceful group of agitators, black lives matter.  From many accounts the rally was peaceful albeit the racist white supremacists were showing their true pathetic racist colors.  Fast forward to the next morning, Antifa and black lives matter rioters arrived and all hell broke lose.

Since then the media has been stopping at nothing to berate and demean President Trump because he didn’t address the incidents that took place quickly enough and how they wanted him to address it.  Instead he addressed the events that unfolded by explaining that there were radicalized elements on both sides of the spectrum and they were both equally responsible for what took place.

For the past eight years we have witnessed former President Obama make every excuse in the book to cover for the radical Islamic terror attacks that we have witnessed throughout the country from the recruiting center in Tenseness, to San Bernadino, to Fort Hood, and the beheading in Oklahoma.  And don’t sit here and lecture me about how these were isolated incidents and we cannot generalize an entire group of people over the acts of a few.  The left today is trying to do jut that as they group every single Trump supporter in with the actions of a group of white supremacists idiots.

Social Justice Warriors Lose It Yet Again

Tomi Lahren’s Latest Tweet Has the SJW’s in a Tizzy

It really doesn’t take much these days to get the social justice warrior outraged, simply show them a picture of Donald Trump or maybe put a Make America Great Again hat on and they’ll literally lose their minds.  They may even feel the need to run off to their safe space in search of a cuddle session, some hot chocolate, and a teddy bear.

Just imagine the type of literal sissies a good portion of the millennial men in this country look like when compared to some other countries around the world.  Then again of you’re comparing us to some European men I’d say we’re right on par when it comes to the level of feminist behaviors present in the men throughout society.

It’s ironic in a sense considering many on the left are so concerned with our image as a country and how they feel our President is perceived around the world yet they could care less if others see the United States as a bunch of sissified wimps.

At least we still have people like Tomi with the wherewithal to call out the millennial wimps for what they are… WIMPS.  Of course this comment on twitter was met with utter outrage from the social justice warriors.

Below are just a few of the enlightened morons and they oh so snarky responses…




Finally a POTUS with the Courage of His Convictions

“Fire and Fury”

I can honestly say for the first time in my life I have witnessed a President with the true courage of his convictions.  I have lived through Clinton, Bush, and the ultimate appeaser Obama and I’ve never heard a president speak with the conviction we heard from president Trump yesterday.

This should make every single American proud as Trump is working towards restoring the American exceptionalism we used to have before Obama went on his apology tour.

For the past eight years we watched as Obama apologized to other countries around the world on the behalf of Americans in a sad, pathetic attempt to bring us down to the level of many third world countries. After all it’s just not fair if we Americans have it better than other countries!

Obama literally made the US the laughing stock of the world as he made deals with Iran handing them the framework to develop nuclear weapons along with complete disregard of the threat posed by a nuclear North Korea. We were told by Obama that North Korea is a tiny country, they’re not something we should be concerned about.

You can see below as he literally trips over his tongue trying to find the words to condemn North Korea. It’s pretty sad and pathetic when compared to the clear, concise words spoken by our president Donald Trump!

Fast forward to today we we are suffering the consequences of the failed foreign diplomacy of a Jr Senator turned president.  We now must put our faith in president Trump that he can clean up Obama’s mess!