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“Fire and Fury”

I can honestly say for the first time in my life I have witnessed a President with the true courage of his convictions.  I have lived through Clinton, Bush, and the ultimate appeaser Obama and I’ve never heard a president speak with the conviction we heard from president Trump yesterday.


This should make every single American proud as Trump is working towards restoring the American exceptionalism we used to have before Obama went on his apology tour.

For the past eight years we watched as Obama apologized to other countries around the world on the behalf of Americans in a sad, pathetic attempt to bring us down to the level of many third world countries. After all it’s just not fair if we Americans have it better than other countries!

Obama literally made the US the laughing stock of the world as he made deals with Iran handing them the framework to develop nuclear weapons along with complete disregard of the threat posed by a nuclear North Korea. We were told by Obama that North Korea is a tiny country, they’re not something we should be concerned about.

You can see below as he literally trips over his tongue trying to find the words to condemn North Korea. It’s pretty sad and pathetic when compared to the clear, concise words spoken by our president Donald Trump!

Fast forward to today we we are suffering the consequences of the failed foreign diplomacy of a Jr Senator turned president.  We now must put our faith in president Trump that he can clean up Obama’s mess!