Month: January 2018

It’s Time to #ReleaseTheMemo

We the People Demand the Congress Release the Memo Tomorrow marks one year since the inauguration of our 45th President Donald J. Trump and for the entire duration of his first year in office we have been bombarded with non-stop Trump-Russia-collusion nonsense.  We have watched as a special counsel has convened to move forward with

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Time to End the Unconstitutional DACA Debacle

DACA Was and Still is ILLEGAL We have clearly been side tracked by the democrats yet again simply because they know that deep down Trump is not about to budge when it comes to DACA. He realizes that the DACA legislation was and still is completely unconstitutional.  Obama said it himself he did not have

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A Bigger Button Isn’t All Trump Has Over Little Rocket Man

Peace Through Strength! Regardless how the media spins President Trump’s response to the deranged North Korean leaders threat to the United States, our President is flexing American muscle a la President Reagan as he understands the necessity of standing up to crack pot dictators like Kim Jung Un! The obsession over Trump’s tweets continues as

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