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It’s Time to #ReleaseTheMemo

We the People Demand the Congress Release the Memo

Tomorrow marks one year since the inauguration of our 45th President Donald J. Trump and for the entire duration of his first year in office we have been bombarded with non-stop Trump-Russia-collusion nonsense.  We have watched as a special counsel has convened to move forward with a witch hunt to “get to the bottom of the collusion with Russia”.

The entire special counsel investigation carried out by Mueller has essentially turned up nothing more than some conversations in which some Trump associates may have had conversations with people who turned out to be Russian and some guys who cheated on their taxes.  None of the alleged criminal acts that the Mueller investigation uncovered have had anything to do with Trump or the Trump presidency.

What we have realized is just how corrupt the those within the Mueller investigative team are.

According to Fox News Insider,

Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett said Robert Mueller’s probe into President Donald Trump is “illegitimate and corrupt.”

Jarrett made the remarks citing revelations that FBI Agent Peter Strzok and attorney Andrew Weissmann may have demonstrated bias against Trump.


“Mueller has been using the FBI as a political weapon,” he said. “The FBI has become America’s secret police.”

Jarrett compared the way FBI agents entered Paul Manafort’s house while he was in bed to the way the KGB “came for you in the dark of night.”


He said people like Strzok were examples of agents engaging in otherwise rogue political activity.


“He’s the tip of the iceberg,” Jarrett said.

The corruption coming from the Mueller counsel is quite clear. Now it’s time this corruption be brought to light and backed up with facts to prove just how corrupt this counsel really is.  Furthermore, we the people need to see the evidence surrounding the “secret weapon”, the Trump dossier, and the fact that it has come to light that individuals from within the Mueller special counsel were referring to this as their “insurance plan” should Trump actually win the election.

It appears that the entire year of alleged Trump Russia collusion may finally be coming to a head, and it doesn’t look good for many democrats and those sitting on Mueller’s special council.

According to The Gateway Pundit,

On Thursday, the House Intelligence Committee quietly voted to make available to fellow House members “a memo documenting abuse of the FISA program,” reports Fox News’ Chad Pergram.


Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton is now demanding Congress release the bombshell FISA abuse memo, while taking a swipe at the courts for protecting Deep State corruption.

Judicial Watch has been all over the corruption and the Trump Dossier from the very beginning…


While there is much ado about Twitter hashtag campaigns, they do seem to bring attention to issues taking place.  As is the case, #ReleaseTheMemo took Twitter by storm this morning and it’s good that we have that avenue to get the word out given the fact that the mainstream (fake news) media never touched on the pending release of the memo… NOT ONCE!!

It’s quite clear that there is mass corruption, and it’s only a matter of time before the truth will vindicate Trump and all of us supporting this President as he continues to Make America Great Again!


Time to End the Unconstitutional DACA Debacle

DACA Was and Still is ILLEGAL

We have clearly been side tracked by the democrats yet again simply because they know that deep down Trump is not about to budge when it comes to DACA. He realizes that the DACA legislation was and still is completely unconstitutional.  Obama said it himself he did not have the ability to essentially legalize those who arrived here illegally, yet he still took it upon himself to draft up this legislation granting “legal status” to thousands of “dreamers” who currently reside in the United States illegally.

Only Congress has the authority to write law as well as oversee any legislation regarding citizenship status in the United States.

Article 1, Section 8, Claus 4 of the US Constitution,

The Constitution empowers Congress to “establish a uniform Rule of Naturalization” – or, more simply stated, to make universal rules about giving foreign-born residents of the United States the “privileges of native” born residents.

One must essentially be born here or undergo the proper, legal process of becoming a United States citizen.  Thus the line has been blurred greatly by the Obama administration and their illegal attempt to legalize those who came here despite our legal immigration process. Even worse, they have turned DACA into nothing more than an emotionally charged political football just as they do with nearly any controversial program or piece of legislation.  This is the ONLY way they can get anyone to back whatever misguided, often times unconstitutional bill they are advocating for.

We will soon see the DACA mess started by Obama come to a head.  Regardless of the outcome it is important to understand just how the immigration process was supposed to work and how it still should work today.  Nothing has changed and Obama had no right to impose legal status on those residing here illegally.

A Bigger Button Isn’t All Trump Has Over Little Rocket Man

Peace Through Strength!

Regardless how the media spins President Trump’s response to the deranged North Korean leaders threat to the United States, our President is flexing American muscle a la President Reagan as he understands the necessity of standing up to crack pot dictators like Kim Jung Un!

The obsession over Trump’s tweets continues as the media literally losses their collective mind over Trump’s response to the latest provocative tweet posted by the leader of North Korea, Kim Jung Un.

Of course the media would criticize Trump’s reaction to the dictator of North Korea, they have been on the wrong side of history when it comes to the dealing with north Korea for decades.  They have supported administration after administration in their failed diplomatic attempts to broker a nuclear arms deal.  Instead the past administrations have essentially paved the way for the nuclear North Korea we are seeing today, a nuclear North Korea that has fallen into Trump’s lap.

Rather than continue the failed attempts at diplomacy that have been tried over the past decades, we finally have a leader who is willing to tout America’s muscle and stand up to those that directly threaten the safety and we’ll being of the American people.  So now the question must be asked, does the media truly care about the safety and we’ll being of the