Month: July 2018

MAGA at Yankee Stadium

The MAGA Movement Makes Its Way to Yankee Stadium   Scene at Yankee Stadium during yesterday’s contest against the Kanas City Royals. — Breaking911 (@Breaking911) July 30, 2018 For far too long Trump supporters have had to hide their support for our President.  In an area where Trump derangement syndrome runs rampant like New

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Fake News Beside Themselves Over Trump Economy

New GDP Numbers Are In – 4.1% Growth Much to the dismay of many in what has become known as the fake news media, it appears our President Donald Trump has managed to follow through with yet another campaign promise. The best part of this is the absolute unwillingness of those at CNN, MSNBC, and

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The Democrats Are Going Full Socialist

The only problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other people’s money! This seems to be a common economic rule that many on the left that literally thrown out the window. Sure it would be great to have free college, it would amazing to have free health care, and even better it utopian

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