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With civil unrest around nearly every corner in most big cities, many Americans are coming to the realization that a violent coup may be in our future. According to a Rasmussen shock poll, more than half of Americans a violent coup is “somewhat likely” while 18% think it is “very likely”.

Why Are We Facing A Possible Coup?

For those who don’t know, a coup is simply the overthrow of the government. You may be asking yourself why would be facing such a daunting prospect. One needs to simply look around and watch as statues to Americans like George Washington and Ben Franklin are defaced and vandalized.

Rioting and looting has not only been allowed, it’s been lauded by many including some of our elected officials. We watched as the radial left actually took over a police station in Seattle to set up their “autonomous zone”.

These incidents continue to go unpunished and are spreading like the plague. Until this is stopped there is a very real possibility that those on the left may try and in fact carry out a coup.

While that may be the case, rest assured that our military and those in law enforcement are red blooded Americans. Americans that realize the importance of standing up for the rule of law and upholding their oath to defend our great Constitution.