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Vote Fraud and Black Hat Testing

Commentary In the early days of the present century, there was something of a moral panic on the left concerning computerized voting systems. Supposedly, some of these systems were developed by people with known rightwing tendencies, and the software was vulnerable to tampering— undoubtedly by those pesky Russians. It was even suggested that George W. Bush may have been elected (twice!) thanks to vote fraud enabled by these devices. However, no evidence of vote tampering related to computerized voting machines was ever provided. Nevertheless, the mere possibility resulted in considerable research and potential improvements that have surely contributed to more trustworthy and secure voting machines. Recently, we have had a somewhat analogous situation, but the roles are reversed. Some on the right are in a moral panic concerning the possibility of vote fraud, particularly with respect to the unprecedented number of mail-in ballots in the 2020 election. Some concern is …

Originally appeared on The Epoch Times

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