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Life Without Gas: Rural Louisianans Adapt After Hurricane Ida

Living without power after a hurricane sounds like a return to a simpler time, but the reality is more complex. At the Big Boss Travel Plaza gas station in Tickfaw, Louisiana, simple staples became survival essentials. Outside, a cooler, that once held ice, sat smashed open. A few days ago, several people fighting over ice cubes broke the glass and stole the ice, gas station staff said. “It wasn’t one person,” said the owner’s son, Nabeel Idres. “It was multiple people. We couldn’t really do anything. We’ve got bigger problems to deal with here.” With no working refrigerator in a Louisiana summer, even something as short-term as frozen water becomes worth a fistfight. On Sept. 3, people waited in a long line of cars. Big Boss is 40 miles inside Hurricane Ida’s over 100-mile-wide powerless area. Inside this dead zone, the more forceful east side of the hurricane hit like …

Originally appeared on The Epoch Times

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