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Man Convicted of Murdering Elderly Elderly Couple Denied Early Released

Daniel Marsh, who murdered and mutilated an elderly couple in 2013 will remain in prison for the duration of his sentence despite being tried as an adult at the age of 15. A California court denied Marsh’s appeal on Sept. 9 to be released in 2022 when he turns 25-years-old through the aid of Senate Bill 1391 that would allow for him to be released with no trace of a criminal record. Sarah Rice, the granddaughter of the elderly couple, expressed her joy in the ability to officially mourn the loss of her grandparents after fighting eight years to keep Marsh behind bars. “This is eight years that we’ve been going through this, so a lot of built-up emotion on every level,” Rice told The Epoch Times. “The reality is I lost my grandmother in this, and you know there’s a lot of sadness now, but now I feel like …

Originally appeared on The Epoch Times

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