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US Doubles Fines for Violators of Mask Mandate at Airports, on Trains

President Joe Biden’s administration on Thursday doubled the fines for people who are caught violating the federal mask mandate in effect at airports and on some modes of public transportation. The fees, previously ranging from $250 to first-time offenders to up to $1,500 for repeat offenders, will now be $500 and up for people caught violating the mandate for the first time and up to $3,000 for people caught violating it more than once. The mask mandate is in effect at airports, on airplanes, and in other modes of public transportation, such as buses. The boosted penalties took effect Friday. “Wearing a mask protects the traveling public and all of the personnel who make the travel experience safe, secure, and comfortable,” Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas said in a statement. “We will continue to enforce the mask mandate as long as necessary to protect public health and safety.” “We …

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