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UT-San Antonio Drops ‘Come and Take It’ Football Rallying Cry After Accusation of Racism

University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) said it will end the tradition of using “Come and Take It” as a rallying cry during football games. In a letter to students, faculty, staff and alumni, UTSA President Taylor Eighmy said he made the decision because it has become “a distraction” from the university’s mission. “I have seen this issue raise deep emotions both for and against, and even seen divisive vitriol,” Eighmy said in the letter. “I especially recognize that this decision will be unpopular with many of our loyal fans.” While the origin of “Come and Take It” can be traced back to the period of the American Revolutionary war, the expression is arguably best known for its use in the Texas Revolution as a symbol of defiance. According to the Library of Congress, this was the response sent in September 1835 to Mexican troops when they came to …

Originally appeared on The Epoch Times

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