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Orange County Equity Map Designed to Further ‘Social Progress’

Officials say that Orange County’s new online data platform, the OC Equity Map, has been a useful tool in highlighting social and health disparities amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in recent months, but it could soon be used for more. In addition to utilizing the map for COVID-19-related planning and the implementation of strategies, officials will be able to continue to assess the long-term ramifications of the pandemic in communities across Orange County, and that the map will help them to assess other societal impacts. “It’s continuing to be used for COVID planning and implementation strategies,” Karin Kalk, director of Office Project Management and Quality Improvement at the Orange County Health Care Agency (HCA), told The Epoch Times. “In terms of the impact of COVID in our community, that’s going to be felt for years to come. So the utility of this map for COVID, and COVID-related impacts and disparities are going to …

Originally appeared on The Epoch Times

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