Gov. Cuomo’s Prison Break—Eight Sex Offenders Released

On Sunday, WIVB-TV reported that more than 50 prisoners, including eight sex offenders, had been released from the Monroe County Jail over the weekend.

Chuck Todd: “Do You Think There Is Blood on the President’s Hands?”

We are all sitting here watching the horrors unfold around the world and in our own backyard as hundreds of thousands of people are sickened by the coronavirus. This crisis is growing exponentially and still the news media clamors on trying their best to undermine President Trump and his administration.

Trump Offers Condolences After Death of Elijah Cummings

Trump Shows Conservatives Can Be Civil Regardless of which side of the proverbial aisle you are on, it is important that we focus on civility in times like this. An individual's health and well-being are paramount and we should all be there for one another in a time of need or loss. And our President … Continue reading Trump Offers Condolences After Death of Elijah Cummings