Murphy Teams Up With Gates Foundation Funded Company to Track Citizens

Local governments and municipalities around the country are obsessing over contact tracing in an alleged effort to get things back to normal. However, there are countless questions surrounding this alleged solution to the COVID19 pandemic.

Microchips in the Age of Coronavirus

The coronavirus crisis will soon be exploited as a means to push for microchip implants. We will be told it is for our own good and those who resist will be shamed. They will be shamed just as those who want to reopen the country are being shamed today. These implants won't just carry our data — they will be used to track your whereabouts and more.

Trump Ad Excoriates Biden and Dems on Sex Assault Allegations

It’s becoming abundantly clear that not all women deserve to be heard. For years we have been told by nearly all Democrats that it is essential to believe every woman that comes forward with sex assault allegations. That is until their party leader Joe Biden has come under fire. The following ad recently put out … Continue reading Trump Ad Excoriates Biden and Dems on Sex Assault Allegations

Surveillance Cameras Inside the Homes of Chinese Citizens

As the coronavirus wreaked havoc on the world many have begun to throw their civil liberties out the window. We are now looking to China of all places for advice on how to track our citizens. This is happening despite the fact that China is an outright communist country. Many of the tactics they employ violate our Constitutional rights here in the United States.