MAGA vs BLM Unfolds in the Octagon

Colby Covington takes on Tyrone Woodley in a highly touted bout that has become a microcosm of what is going on in the country today. On one side we have Mr. Covington who is a red-blooded MAGA American. The other side features a BLM activist in Tyrone Woodley.

Trump Saving the Children from Satanic Pedophile Cults

The lefts infatuation with the group known as "QAnon" has hit a fever pitch as of late. In case you are unaware of what exactly "QAnon" is—it is better known as "Q" and "anonymous". QAnon is essentially a message board sharing posts that provide a unique take on current events. Some believe that "Q" is President Trump himself, while others think it may be his administration providing insight to events taking place on the inside.

President Trump Questioned About “Q” Movement—His Response was EPIC

The "Q" or QAnon movement has intrigued individuals from all aspects of the political spectrum for quite some time now. Some conservative-minded people believe "Q" to be President Trump himself. Those on the opposite side of the aisle have labeled "Q" as dangerous and conspiratorial. Nonetheless, many of the predictions made by the infamous "Q" … Continue reading President Trump Questioned About “Q” Movement—His Response was EPIC