Coca-Cola Diversity Training Instructs Employees to “Be Less White” to Combat Racism

Diversity training has become something we have all grown accustomed to in the workplace. Oftentimes diversity training is a positive endeavor designed to bring people together. The Coca-Cola company on the other hand seems to feel that the goal of diversity training is to instruct employees to "be less white". In a since-deleted tweet employment lawyer, Harmeet K. Dhillon explains how this alleged diversity training is actually in and of itself "blatant racial discrimination".

Time To Get Up Off Your Knees NFL

It's About Respect I get it! We all have the right to free speech and those kneeling for our National Anthem absolutely have the right to do so. It's about respect! It's about showing respect to the country that affords you the right to make millions playing a game. It's about showing respect to … Continue reading Time To Get Up Off Your Knees NFL