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The Crisis at Our Southern Border Is A National Emergency

The Sudden Obsession Over Presidential Powers

Up until now many have never even heard of the National Emergency Declaration or the act of Congress that bestowed this power upon the President of the United States. Yet as with many Presidential powers the Left suddenly disagrees with, the power to declare a national emergency is all of the sudden in the cross hairs for one simple reason – Donald Trump is President. The topic of Presidential power was never a point of contention when Barack Obama was sitting behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office – only now do the pseudo-intellectual talking heads in the mainstream media suddenly have an issue with Presidential power.

Barack Obama took it upon himself to write law – which happens to be a responsibility assigned to Congress – when he drafted up the DACA bill because as he said if congress won’t act he will. And rather than push back, the mainstream media lauded his completely unconstitutional action as groundbreaking and something that just had to be done. The DACA legislation was just one of the many times Obama circumvented the Constitution, other instances include the Chrysler Bailout, the implementation of Obamacare, political profiling by the IRS, and Net Neutrality just to name a few more. Each and every time these actions were taken there was no push back from Democrats in Congress, in fact many supported and defended these actions showing complete disregard for the Constitution and the check that Congress is supposed to have against the Executive branch of government.

In Steps Donald J Trump

Fast forward just a couple of years and the American people have spoken by electing President Donald Trump to the highest office in the land. The people rose up and showed their utter disdain for the lawlessness of the prior administration by electing a man who’s mission is to transfer the power from the government back to the people.  This frightens nearly all Democrats and even many Republicans to the core as they see Trump as an existential threat to their careers in government.

This is why so many in Congress are lashing out, it is why we are seeing endless investigations coming from the House as they recently issued document requests from 81 individuals associated with President Trump. Furthermore, the Trump administration has been under siege by Mueller and his band of thugs ever since the fake, phony Steele Dossier surfaced – to this day they still have yet to uncover any proof of Russia collusion. Amidst all of these controversy, President Trump has held strong and continued to battle on the behalf of the American people.

The Battle for the Border

Going back to the very beginning of the Trump campaign one of, if not his biggest most influential promises was that he would build the wall. This promise struck accord with nearly all Americans as many have been affected by the horrors that have come with illegal immigration in one way shape or form.

Donald Trump seemed to be the only one of the many Republican Presidential candidates that truly seemed to understand the significance of securing the border. As a result he coasted to receiving the nomination from the Republican party for the 2016 election despite some rather unhappy establishment republicans in Congress. And the rest is history as Trump garnered 304 electoral votes on that fateful November night in 2016 to become the 45th President of the United States.

Upon taking office President Trump did not forget his promise to secure the border and the battle began. Trump has been fighting endlessly with Congress to obtain the necessary funding to build the border wall and stop once and for all the flow of newly minted Democrat voters into this country by way of our border with Mexico. This fight has continued on for the entirety of his Presidency resulting in the longest government shutdown this nation has ever seen and the threat of another government shutdown if Trump didn’t give in and sign a govt funding bill to keep government open despite the lack of funding for the wall.

Trump Declares a National Emergency

Pushed to the breaking point President Trump resorted to the only tool he had left in his arsenal – declaring a national emergency at the southern border. Since his emergency declaration back on February 15th there has been a never ending debate as to whether or not Donald Trump is within his powers as President to declare such a crisis a national emergency. Furthermore, it is being debated as to whether or not he has the authority to reallocate funding to move forward with securing the border. While the House does indeed hold the power of the purse, there is nothing stopping the President from reallocating military funding and amassing military assets at the border to move forward with building the wall.

To put it bluntly – President Trump is well within his rights as President to declare the crisis at the southern border a national emergency. And just to alleviate any doubt as to whether or not it is actually a crisis taking place, just today reports have come in that illegal border crossings have skyrocketed over the past few months.

According to the NY Times,

Arrests for illegally crossing the border reached up to 1.64 million in 2000, under President Clinton. In the 2018 fiscal year, they reached 396,579. For the first five months of the current fiscal year, 268,044 have been apprehended.

Now it’s time President Trump take a page from the Obama playbook in which he stated, “If Congress won’t act, I will” – and President Trump has done just that. The only difference being, what Trump is doing is actually Constitutional as opposed to the countless unconstitutional executive actions Obama took throughout his time in office. Declaring a national emergency is a power that was granted to the President by Congress back on September 14, 1976 and since then numerous national emergencies have been declared 31 of which are still in affect today.

Could a Future President Issue a National Emergency on Gun Control

Sure enough as soon as President Trump declared the border crisis a national emergency, the clowns in Congress including their ring leader Nancy Pelosi ran to the podium to scare the American people – mainly Conservatives – into thinking a future Democrat President could some day issue a similar national emergency to implement gun control. This couldn’t be further from the realm of possibility as the right to bear arms is codified in the Constitution via the 2nd Amendment. Therefore, a future President could by no means issue any sort of executive order to revoke an explicitly outlined right found in the Bill of Rights. This correlation was nothing more than a failed and pathetic scare tactic designed to keep people from supporting President Trump’s national emergency declaration.


Jim Acosta Proves Walls Work

End the Shutdown, Build The Wall

As the government shut down becomes the longest one in this nation’s history, the debate rages on over whether or not the government should approve funding for what has been known as “Trump’s Wall”. Therein lies the problem, while Trump has indeed referred to the wall as “his wall” – it is essentially our wall as securing the border protects each and every American citizen who resides inside the wall.

Nonetheless the media aka the propaganda wing of the Democrat party continues to carry on about how walls don’t work, walls are suddenly immoral, and the government must continue to hold hostage American workers simply because they are butt hurt that Trump has the balls to stand up to them on this issue!

Thank You Jim Acosta

Little Jimmy comes to the rescue.  As the debate rages over whether or not we should build the wall and whether or not walls work – Jim Acosta offers up some of his best “journalism” to date.  After all this is probably the most accurate journalism I have EVER witnessed him provide.

Clearly Walls Do Work

This top-notch reporting from Jim Acosta proves to everyone that behind the wall there is peace and tranquility, a stark contrast to the areas of the border where there are no walls and gangs roam free bringing drugs into our country, they traffic human beings, and much more. 

So the time has come for the American people to demand that Chuck and Nancy put up or shut up! The people held hostage by this shutdown are beginning to see the full effect of the shut down as are many government agencies that are going without funding.  And all fo this is happening due to the fact that Democrats are capitulating over a vital border barrier to protect the citizens of this great nation of ours.

Trump at CPAC 2018

The Left Attacks our President Because He Is Following Through with His Promise to Make America Great Again

Today Donald J. Trump addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference for the second time as President of the United States.  In a speech that spanned more than one hour he touted his many accomplishments achieved in his first year in office and outlined plans for the next 7 years to come.

Trump spoke about the dismantling of the failed Obamacare policy that has plagued this country, he even addressed the congressional vote in which we came oh so close to a complete repeal of Obamacare if it weren’t for one congressman.

President Trump also spoke about the promises he has kept during his firs year in office, his biggest, most important promise being support for our military and law enforcement personal.  We are finally seeing a President openly support our military and police which is a refreshing change from what we have been subjected to throughout the entire Obama administration.

President Trump then proceeded to begin his jabs at the liberal progressives throughout the entire country.  His address to CPAC was littered with jabs at liberals the most effective being his defense of faith and referencing the core principles of the founding of this country and the role played by God in shaping the thoughts and minds of our founding fathers.

We all know this jab really hits home with many liberals throughout the room, especially those sitting beside me in the media section at CPAC.  The irony here is that while many liberals claim to be tolerant and understanding, they completely disregard this countries history and it’s founding principles.  They claim that there is a separation between church and state in the Constitution which couldn’t be further from the truth as the only role government plays when it comes to religion is to avoid the implementation of a government sanctioned, national religion.

Unlike any President in my lifetime we finally have a leader that realizes the importance of core family values and the role government should play in our lives.

Before concluding his address to CPAC, President Trump spoke about the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida.  This has clearly brought to light the issue we face when it comes to protecting our most cherished commodity in this country, our children.  Trump posed a couple of valid solutions to this problem, solutions that many liberal progressives just don’t want to hear as they continue on their gun grabbing, anti-2nd amendment tirade.

Our President Donald J. Trump has come home to the heart of the Conservative movement here at CPAC and provided us with a clear, concise outline of promises kept and promises to come over his next 7 years in office.