The Crisis at Our Southern Border Is A National Emergency

The Sudden Obsession Over Presidential Powers Up until now many have never even heard of the National Emergency Declaration or the act of Congress that bestowed this power upon the President of the United States. Yet as with many Presidential powers the Left suddenly disagrees with, the power to declare a national emergency is all … Continue reading The Crisis at Our Southern Border Is A National Emergency

Jim Acosta Proves Walls Work

End the Shutdown, Build The Wall As the government shut down becomes the longest one in this nation’s history, the debate rages on over whether or not the government should approve funding for what has been known as “Trump’s Wall”. Therein lies the problem, while Trump has indeed referred to the wall as “his wall” … Continue reading Jim Acosta Proves Walls Work

Trump at CPAC 2018

The Left Attacks our President Because He Is Following Through with His Promise to Make America Great Again Today Donald J. Trump addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference for the second time as President of the United States.  In a speech that spanned more than one hour he touted his many accomplishments achieved in … Continue reading Trump at CPAC 2018