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New Orleans Saints Demario Davis Speaks About Prison Reform at CPAC 2019

For quite some time now prison justice reform or criminal justice reform has been a major point of concern, and until now we have essentially had President after President who all spoke in platitudes but honestly did nothing to truly address the issue at hand.  Furthermore, this is an issue that transcends party politics and is one point of concern that we can all coalesce around.

Demario Davis Live from CPAC 2019!

And who better to come and address the issue than New Orleans Saints Linebacker Demario Davis.

What Did Demario Have To Say?

While everyone has something to say when it comes to politics today, especially when it comes to criminal justice reform. Throughout his discussion, Demario Davis seemed to have one truly concise point that really should strike accord with everyone.  Davis spoke about getting rid of the cash bail system which has been in the works around the country for some time now.  The idea behind this is to do away with the cash bail system as it directly affects those who are locked up for low level offenses and remain in prison simply because they cannot come up with bail as low as a few thousand dollars.

Getting Back to God

Yes! Demario Davis did go there! He spoke adamantly about the importance of getting back to God in our daily lives.  This is something many people speak about, and it is often times met with utter disdain from the liberals and many on the left.  Which is obviously due in large part to the fact that the liberals believe government should replace God in our lives and in society – but that’s another discussion for another time.  Nonetheless, Demario Davis spoke about the role God played in his life and he coupled that with the importance of family in society.  Furthermore, Davis explained that he believes in the idea of a strong family and the values and the positive affect that has on children.  Which again strikes accord with many liberals as they would rather replace the family structure with a government backed system designed to not only raise our children but to coddle them from the cradle to the grave.

Demario Davis is a role model that all children should be able to look up to today.  Far too often children idolize the wrong types of people, people that glorify mistreating women, people that are into drugs and alcohol, people that will essentially lead the youth down the path of ending up in prison.  What they need are more Demario Davis’ in the world, individuals who promote family values and putting God at the fore of our daily lives.


CPAC 2017 The American Brexit

What we are witnessing here at CPAC 2017 is the culmination of what many have called the American Brexit.  Not long before we took our country back, people around the world all watched as England declared their freedom from the overbearing European Union that was all but ruling England from afar.

A major factor that played in to Brexit was they fact that England was being overrun by Muslim migrants from throughout the middle east.  Citizens watched as their towns and cities were being turned what have become known as “no-go zones”.  Areas in which the Muslims essentially took over and declared sharia law as the law of the area. Often times police even avoided entering the area for fear that their own livelihood would be in danger, or that if they were to actually arrest one of these islmaists they would in turn be prosecuted and charge with profiling or worse a hate crime.
In steps Nigel Farage, a British politician, to provide us here at CPAC with a little insight and a comparison between what England accomplished with their Brexit and what we conservatives accomplished in electing Donald Trump as our president this past November.
One major comparison is the fact that here in the United States we are being overrun with illegal immigrants just as they were in England.  We have a non-existent southern border through we hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are flooding through every year.  To put a stop to this we conservatives stood up and made our voices heard in electing Trump, an individual who ran on securing the border and reinstating the rule of law in this land.  As with Brexit we the people stood up against the socialist minded liberals throughout the country and the media and made a statement to the rest of the world that we would no longer pander to the illegal alien over the American citizen.
Nigel also spoke about how the Brexit mindset is sweeping the world.  We are seeing other countries ravaged by islamist migration from the middle east begin to wake up and make their voices heard as many of their towns and cities are literally being destroyed by this migrants.
We here at CPAC are leading the fight against the globalist mindset and I can only hope that the rest of the world wakes up and their own personal Brexit before it is too late.