Are We Really “In This Together”

Since the beginning of the COVID19 outbreak, our TV's have been inundated with ads in which celebrities make the claim that "we're all in this together."

Surveillance Cameras Inside the Homes of Chinese Citizens

As the coronavirus wreaked havoc on the world many have begun to throw their civil liberties out the window. We are now looking to China of all places for advice on how to track our citizens. This is happening despite the fact that China is an outright communist country. Many of the tactics they employ violate our Constitutional rights here in the United States.

DeBlasio Distributing Halal Meals for Ramadan After Threatening to Shut Down Churches and Synagogues

Just a few weeks ago the Mayor of NYC Bill DeBlasio began his grandstanding coronavirus press briefings. Amidst these briefings, he made veiled threats to both Christian and Jewish religious institutions. These threats included both fines and the possible shutdown of churches and synagogues that didn't comply with the shutdown orders. At the same time, DeBlasio intends to provide Muslims throughout the city with meals for Ramadan.