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Virginia Congressional Candidate Under Investigation After Sawing off AR-15

Think Before You Saw Off an AR-15 Maybe Democrats should check the local gun laws before they proceed to record a video or have a presentation in which they brandish a weapon or in this case modify a gun by literally sawing off the barrel. According to The Hill, A Virginia Beach schoolteacher running for

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The Battle Over Due Process & Gun Control

Goodbye to Due Process We’ve come to a tipping point, what some may even refer to as a Constitutional crisis. Can you be refueled your 2nd amendment right without due process? Can law enforcement step in and remove your legally owned firearms simply because they make an assumption that you shouldn’t be allows to posses

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It’s Time to Recind Obama Era School Discipline Doctrine

Did the Obama Era Discipline Policy Lead to Rise in School Violence? The media wasted no time placing blame on the guns following the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland, Florida.  They completely failed, as usual, to delve deeper in to just why Nikolas Cruz may have been able to purchase the

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