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The Democrats Continued Reluctance to Condemn Antisemitism

The newest catchphrase coming from within the Democrat party which is being promoted by their queen Nancy Pelosi is the following – “too hot to handle”. This phrase is being uttered when topics appear to be too much for the ever so smart Democrat leaders to address – at the forefront of which happens to antisemitism. The rise in antisemitism has been at the top of the news cycle lately especially given the new fresh faces of the Democrat party Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib leading the fight against Israel right from within our own Congress.

Just yesterday Ilhan Omar was confronted by news media asking if she could openly condemn antisemitism for which she had no comment.

In response to the growing backlash over comments made by Ilhan Omar, the GOP members in Congress surprised House Democrats with an antisemitism bill back in February which they reluctantly had to support. Clearly that did little to stop the continued hate speech spewing from the snarky sarcastic mouth of Ilhan Omar which led the Democrat controlled House to draft yet another resolution, this time the proposed resolution did little to nothing to directly address the issue we face in Congress and throughout the country when it comes to the rising hatred against the Jewish people.

Rather than directly address antisemitism – this bill was drafter as a resolution against “forms of hate” sprinkled with all of the politically correct code words including “nazi”, “racism”, “bigotry”. It also addressed hatred against all different groups of people including African Americans, Native Americans, and other people of color, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, and of immigrants.

The Democrats have been in power just a few months and they have already had two resolutions passed condemning antisemitism yet somehow they try and pervert the narrative by claiming that the Republicans and Donald Trump are the party of antisemitism and bigotry.

Nancy Pelosi stood in front of reporters today and when confronted by reporters about the comments made by freshman congresswoman Ilhan Omar she went as far as to make excuses for her saying that her words weren’t received the way Omar intended. She even went as far as to say that her comments weren’t intended in an antisemitic way. She then went on to provide a summary of how there is no place in our country for hate of any kind – essentially generalizing an issue that clearly lies on the left side of the aisle.

The Future of the Democrat Party

The 2020 Presidential election is right around the corner and it is imperative that this hate emanating from the Democrat party is exposed. The exploitation of the Jewish people and rising antisemitism in the United States is quickly becoming a larger and larger issue especially given the fact that some of those vying for the Democrat nod for President in the upcoming 2020 Presidential election actually support Omar despite her continued condemnation of the United States and our support for our only real ally in the middle east Israel.


Antisemitism Infiltrates The Democrat Party

Antisemitism is often times synonymous with Nazism both things our President Donald J Trump has been accused of being. The irony here is that this couldn’t be more true when referring to the Democrat party of today.  Since Trump descended down the escalator on that fateful June day to announce he was running for President of the United States, the left has had their sites set on Trump and their media hit machine running full steam ahead crafting the typical story lines about how Donald Trump is a racist, a Nazi, and of course an anti-Semite – none of which can be proven. To the contrary President Trump’s own daughter Ivanka Trump converted to Judaism prior to marrying husband Jared Kushner. So while the media clamors on about how President Trump is antisemitic, it’s safe to say he wouldn’t have given his blessing to Jared Kushner to marry his daughter and have her convert to Judaism if he was like the media portrays him to be.

Antisemitism is Thriving in the Democrat Party

It’s safe to say antisemitism and attacks on those within the Jewish community here in the United States and around the world are on the rise but there is little if any proof that it can be attributed to President Trump or the Republican party. Instead the rise in antisemitism should in large part be attributed to rallying cries against Israel and the Jewish people emanating from the Democrat side of the aisle. Newly minted congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rhashida Tlaib have been outspoken opponents of Israel and the Jewish people from the moment they have taken office and have continued on with their antisemitic tirades up to this day.

While both representatives Omar and Tlaib have come under increased scrutiny for their antisemitic remarks, it is Omar who is taking on her own party and continuing to fight on speaking out against one of, if not our only true ally in the middle east – Israel. Omar had the nerve to make the claim that AIPAC was paying off our own lawmakers in Congress in a Tweet that has since been conveniently deleted simple stating “It’s all about the Benjamin’s baby”.

If that were the only remark made by the snarky Ilhan Omar one could possibly look past it as she made a formal apology for her misguided words. Shortly after, she was confronted on camera and asked what she learned from the reaction to her awful and distasteful comments she became very short and went on to say that she stated all of that in her statement. Following that back and forth the reporter asked Omar if she is worried about losing her committee assignments to which she responded, “absolutely not”.

So Ilhan Omar did what she had to and made her obligatory apology in a half-hearted effort to keep her committee assignments and remain in Congress representing the 5th Congressional District in Minnesota, one must look past the media hoopla and truly take into consideration her allegiance to the American people she is supposed to represent. The left constantly speaks out against hatred yet they have one of the most outspoken Jew haters we’ve ever seen serve in our Federal Government right within their midst.  And if you think her apology really meant anything she wouldn’t have been capitalizing on her comments that drew so much scrutiny. Furthermore, she was confronted by a CNN reporter and asked why she supports the BDS Movement for which she had no response.

While the Democrats claim to the party of acceptance it appears that the only thing they are willing to accept right now is the rise in antisemitism coming right from within their own party.  Yes they are speaking out against the remarks made by Ilhan Omar, but the real question is will they remove her from her committee assignments like they did to Representative Steve King for his racist remarks? And will her constituents speak out against her actions if they do indeed feel that what she is doing isn’t representative of the people of the 5th Congressional District in Minnesota?