Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Tag: Liberal

Fair Lawn, NJ Shoplifter Caught 4x in One Week

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Criminals are caught, and shortly thereafter they are released. This catch and release policy is taking a foothold in cities across the country. In fact, this catch and release policy is even becoming prevalent in small-town America.

Trump Saving the Children from Satanic Pedophile Cults

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The lefts infatuation with the group known as “QAnon” has hit a fever pitch as of late. In case you are unaware of what exactly “QAnon” is—it is better known as “Q” and “anonymous”.

QAnon is essentially a message board sharing posts that provide a unique take on current events. Some believe that “Q” is President Trump himself, while others think it may be his administration providing insight to events taking place on the inside.