Why Trump Wins with Twitter

The media waits with baited breath each and every morning to see what our Commander and Chief, President Donald J. Trump will tweet about today.  Entire throngs of interns scour the Twittersphere to see what the reactions are to Trump’s latest tweet while we all watch the media make complete fools of themselves as they

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MAGA at Yankee Stadium

The MAGA Movement Makes Its Way to Yankee Stadium   Scene at Yankee Stadium during yesterday’s contest against the Kanas City Royals. pic.twitter.com/veJEVgkVIE — Breaking911 (@Breaking911) July 30, 2018 For far too long Trump supporters have had to hide their support for our President.  In an area where Trump derangement syndrome runs rampant like New

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Hillary Clinton Takes to India to Figure Out “What Happened”

The failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton continues to trot around the globe spewing her anti-America rhetoric.  She has since made her way to India, as most people here in the United States are fed up with her nonsense, her own Democrat party has all but disowned her.  Any mention of the name Hillary Clinton has

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